There's A Tiktok Vegetable Peeler Hack You Need To See

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One of the things you should add to your kitchen tools is a vegetable peeler. It's a useful tool to have, especially if you want to prep your ingredients faster, plus, it doesn't even have to be expensive since these will eventually lose their sharp edge. 

If you've ever tried using a vegetable peeler, you are probably using it in swift strokes in one direction only. But a viral video on TikTok shares that you can use a vegetable peeler in back and forth strokes, making it even more convenient and faster to get the skin off. 


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What a gamechanger, right? Much to our surprise, when we tried it for ourselves, it did work! We used a peeler (bought from Daiso) to peel kamote using back and forth strokes. This trick or hack just needs getting used to because, as with any vegetable peelers, you'll need a light hand so you don't remove any of the fruit or the vegetable.


There's also another TikTok video that explains what the seemingly unuseful hoop near the vegetable blade is for. The small circle is an ingenious way to remove small bruises or even the buds of a potato.


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