When In Poblacion, Look For This Bacon Dish

Bacon is always a crowd-pleaser. But Tilde, a café in Poblacion, which offers an all-day breakfast menu just introduced a dish made for bacon fans.

Tilde sources the bacon for their Bacon Bolognese from Essential Fine Foods.
Photo by Bea Faicol

Tilde's Bacon Bolognese (P350) is made with a classic Bolognese sauce-meaty and hearty, poured over handmade fettuccine. Traditional Bolognese is tasty and meaty as is but the added bacon bits give the pasta dish a crunch and a salty and smoky flavor that mingles well with the tangy sauce. So good! 

Tilde's Kesong Puti & Guava Toast is sourdough bread topped with butterfried kesong puti and guava preserves.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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One great thing about dining in Tilde is that the dishes always seem personal-it never fails to make one feel right at home. This is probably because their bread, pasta, pickles, and bottled jams are all handmade-care of Ginny Roces-De Guzman, the co-owner of Tilde. They even make it a point to source ingredients and support small-scale producers as much as they can.


Ginny admittedly loves to play with local fruits and frequently going to the market to check whatever is in season. This eventually led to the addition of the new Kesong Puti & Guava Toast (P280) to their growing menu. Tilde's special sourdough is topped with butterfried kesong puti and guava preserves. The guava preserves are tender and addictingly sweet, but it also leaves room for the kesong puti's saltiness to shine through. If you're not keen on fruit-based jams with your bread, this toast from Tilde will change your mind. 

Come for the bacon dish, stay for more items on the menu. 

Tilde is located at 5417 Matilde, Poblacion, Makati.

For more information, follow Tilde on Facebook and Instagram.


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