Tim Hortons New Donut Was Made For Chocoholics Like You!

Pair it with a chocolatey beverage!

Tim Hortons' new Choco Snow Donut is made for chocoholics!
Photo by Tim Hortons Philippines

There's always room for chocolate, no matter whart day it is. If you're looking for a quick mood boost via a chocolatey dessert, try Tim Hortons' new Choco Snow Donut (P55)! It's a soft donut rolled in snow powder with a chocolate brownie filling.

Pair the Choco Snow Donut with the Cookies and Cream (left) and Frozen Hot Chocolate (right).
Photo by Tim Hortons Philippines

What pairs well with chocolate? More chocolate, of course! You can pair Tim Hortons' Choco Snow Donut with the Frozen Hot Chocolate or Cookies and Cream. The Frozen Hot Chocolate (P135/12oz; P150/16oz; and P165/20oz) is a combination of Tim Hortons' signature hot chocolate and milk in frozen blended beverage form, topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings. The Cookies and Cream (P145/12oz; P160/16oz; and P175/20oz), on the other hand, is a double shot of cream flavored with a Chocolate and Shortbread cookie. It's topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbs!


Tim Hortons' Frozen Hot Chocolate and Cookies and Cream are a staple on their menu, but the Choco Snow Donut is only available until September 30, 2019.

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