This #Aesthetic Little Oven Is Less Than P800!

IMAGE Lazada
ILLUSTRATOR Roselle Miranda

The Lazada 8.8 sale is not yet over! It's still ongoing until August 12, so, if you're still on the shelf about buying your own little oven for your small kitchen, you have time to find the right one. We even think we have found the perfect little oven for you. If you're picky about the look of your oven, you need to check out this gorgeous little oven toaster from Lazada to keep your kitchen in theme! 

The best news is that it's still on sale! 

The Tixx oven is a budget-friendly P759.05 in a lovely aqua blue hue that will brighten up any kitchen! It's a dainty 15-liter oven-toaster-grill or OTG that can fit bread, pastries, and egg tarts that need to be reheated but with its temperature functions, it can do more than just that! At a maximum of 250 degrees C (or 482 degrees F), that means you can bake a cake and brownies, make baked potatoes, and even "burn" the tops of crème brûlée

This little oven is big enough for everyday toasting and baking, too!
Photo by Lazada
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Don't let the size fool you either. This oven is a compact 25 cm x 19 cm x 20 cm in size. While it's small enough to fit most countertops, it's still big enough to fit a whole chicken to roast. Apart from the rack, it even comes with a rotisserie grill attachment and the baking pan will fit under the chicken to serve as a drip tray. 


Best of all, if you're not feeling the aqua color for your kitchen and have P40 to spare, it also comes in a pretty cream aka white color as well for a neutral color switch. 

Have room for a bigger oven or just need a bigger one for your bigger family? This also comes in a bigger 25-liter size in both colors, too! It has the same functions as the smaller model but also includes one additional knob to toggle which heating element is on or off according to your oven settings and needs. 

The Tixx Oven is available as a 15-liter oven in aqua (P749.05) and 15-liter oven in white (P790) and as a 25-liter oven available in aqua or white (P1,329.05 each) on Lazada.


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