Did You Know You That Sparkling Soju Exists? Here’s Where You Can Find It!

The fizz is addicting.

IMAGE LazMart, Shopee/Famulei Grocery, and Pixabay/Shiuli Debnath

If you've ever been to a 7-Eleven store to buy a bottle of soju, then there's a high likelihood that you've also seen the other alcoholic beverages sold right beside it. Have you ever seen a clear bottle with a label that says "Tock Soda" in all capitalized letters, but decided against buying it because you're either unsure of what "Tropical Sparkling" means or you have a hunch that it could be sparkling water (but don't really need it)? This Tock Soda from Good Day! (yes, the same Korean brand that sells soju) is actually a sparkling version of soju.

Photo by FreshMart.ph

Good Day's Tock Soda is a carbonated soju made fruity with the help of pineapple juice, passion fruit juice, and orange juice. Compared to your regular or flavored soju which has a 12 to 17% ABV or alcohol by volume, the Tock Soda has a super low alcohol content of 5% (like beer!). This is perfect for lightweight drinkers and for those who don't like the aftertaste of soju.

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But if you're in it for the fizz and for the buzz, you can mix the Tock Soda with more soju. You can play it safe and use the regular soju, but you can also experiment with flavored ones like peach, blueberry, green grapes, or even the yogurt milk version!

Good Day's Tock Soda is available at 7-Eleven for P139 per bottle.




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