Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Has a New Strawberry-licious Dessert!

It's bliss in a cup!

No rainy weather can stop us from enjoying ice cream-especially when it's creamy, sweet, and has strawberries! Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has recently released its strawberry-flavored version of their signature desserts, the Strawberry & Milk Tea Cookies, and the Strawberry Milk Cheese Cake.The most recent addition is Cow Cow Ice's Hokkaido Strawberry soft serve.

Photo by Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Philippines official Facebook

Cow Cow Ice's Strawberry Hokkaido is a limited-edition soft serve that takes its sweet and refreshing flavor from red, plump, juicy strawberries from Hokkaido. Fun fact, readers, Hokkaido is not a milk tea flavor. Hokkaido is actually the second largest island in Japan where strawberry-picking is one of the famous tourist attractions.

When you're feeling extra cheesy or if you have extra cash to spend, you can even add a slice of their famous Milk Cheesecake (P120) and the Salt and Camembert Cookie (P60), Honey and Gorgonzola Cookie (P60), or the Porcini and Gouda (P60) to your serving of Hokkaido Strawberry ice cream. 

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cow Cow Ice's limited-edition Strawberry Hokkaido is available in all Tokoyo Milk Cheese Factory stores for P170/cup. For more information, follow Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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