Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory’s Milk Pie Is Finally Here!

It's like a croissant with ice cream, but better!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has a number of stalls in Japan that offer more than their cheese cookies and dense cheesecakes. They also have stalls called Cow Cow Kitchen. Although there are a number of the Cow Cow Kitchen stalls already here in the Philippines that serve delicious soft-serve ice cream, in Japan, they have delicious milk pies, too. 

Thankfully, you don't have to go all the way to Japan for it because you can now find it in Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's first-ever restaurant located in Manila: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Savory + Sweet in Ayala Malls Manila Bay. 

The milk pies (P100 each) are dusted with confectioners sugar.
Photo by Bea Faicol

What you need to know

Cow Cow Kitchen's milk pies are freshly-baked cream pie puffs that have a generous amount of Hokkaido milk cream. 

If you think about it, a puff pie filled with cream sounds pretty simple, but it is in the way that Cow Cow Kitchen's milk pies are done that makes it addicting. It has layers upon layers of crunchy, golden-brown puff pastry. It is then filled with the Hokkaido cream at maximum capacity, leaving little-to-none room for air. 

One milk pie isn't enough.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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What we love about it

If a croissant and an ice cream have a baby, this would definitely be it. The golden-brown layers are slightly sweet and crumbly, but not too fragile that it makes a mess. The Hokkaido cream is milkier than it is sweet and a little cold like ice cream (if you eat it fresh from the shop). Despite the humidity of Manila's weather compared to Tokyo's, the Hokkaido cream does a good job of retaining its whipped, dense quality, too. 

Plus, the milk pies served here in the Philippines are an exact replica of the milk pie as the ones served in their Akihabara, Tokyo branch. According to the pastry chef Dan Rosales, he was sent to Tokyo for a couple of months just to study and copy the milk pies but at the same time, be inspired by the plethora of desserts in the city. 


Where to get it

The Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Savory + Sweet restaurant is joined by the Cow Cow Kitchen, where you can order the milk pies for P100 each. The first branch is located at G/F Central Garden Ring Area, Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

For more information, follow Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory on Facebook and Instagram.

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