These Ramen Kits Are Made For Cheese, Tomato, And Chicken Teriyaki Fans!

Each ramen kit can serve two people. Plus, it's available for delivery!

A ramen kit sure comes in handy if you're suddenly feeling an insatiable craving for ramen and you need an instant quick fix. If you're looking for a more affordable ramen kit (that can be delivered to your doorstep, too!), Tokyo Tokyo has made their signature ramen bowls into DIY ramen kits so you can enjoy it at home!


Tokyo Tokyo's Do-It-Yourself Ramen kits come in three different flavors, which all have a tonkotsu-based broth, ramen eggs, nori, corn, Rayo oil, and ramen noodles. What sets the Cheesy Beef Ramen kit apart is the beef toppings, cheese sauce, and sliced cheese, while the Beef and Tomato Ramen kit includes beef toppings and a special tomato sauce. A returning favorite, the Chicken Teriyaki Ramen kit highlights the use of chicken teriyaki fillets and teriyaki sauce.

Each of Tokyo Tokyo's DIY ramen kits is good for two people. These are available in stores and through Tokyo Tokyo's hotline: #86596. You can view the (easy) cooking instructions for each DIY ramen kit through Tokyo Tokyo's guide.

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