We Found Brazo De Mercedes That Ube Fans Will Love

Ube goodness in every bite.

IMAGE Mark Jesalva

Imagine biting into soft sweet meringue, flavored with ube, and finding a chunky ube halaya center in the middle of the brazo de Mercedes slice-ube fans will surely sigh in contentment.

Brazo de Mercedes is a rolled cake made of sweet meringue and filled with a rich and decadent custard made with egg yolks. This version is flavored with a Pinoy favorite, purple yam, and the custard is replaced by homemade halaya. 

There's chunky homemade ube halaya in the center.
Photo by Mark Jesalva

You can find this sweet treat in Laz Paz Bakery in Iloilo, located in the La Paz Public Market. They have an assortment of breads like most panaderias, but they also serve this ube dessert that no one can resist. One slice (P25/slice; P600 for whole brazo de mercedes) is enough for anyone with a sweet tooth but if you feel like sharing or bringing home one whole log, make sure to visit early to get first dibs.

This local bakery offers all the biscuits Ilonggos love such as mamon tostado but they also offer cupcakes and celebration cakes. Drop by for a sweet fix after all the batchoy!

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La Paz Bakery is at Rizal cor Huervana Sts., La Paz, Iloilo City


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