You Can Find Ube Champorado In This Convenience Store For Only P39!

It has cheese bits on top, too!

Champorado is a classic Filipino breakfast that is easy to love, especially on a rainy day. It's a delicious comfort food that's good on its own, but it's also a versatile dish that you can play around with. Some prefer adding a heaping amount of powdered milk, while some like pairing champorado with tuyo for that sweet and salty flavor combo, and some like using ube instead of chocolate!

Champorado + ube!
Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

Ube champorado is not a usual option in menus nor is it available in the supermarkets, compared to the regular champorado. Thankfully, you can now find Ube Quezo Champorado in 7-Eleven stores. It's a convenient way to satisfy your champorado and ube cravings all in one bowl.

The Ube Quezo Champorado is a straightforward dish that's made with glutinous rice and real ube, but what makes it special is the added grated cheese on top. The ube tastes sweet, almost like ginataan, but with a hint of earthiness. Yes, each serving does have more of the soup than the glutinous rice, but, to be fair, it comes with an affordable P39 price tag. 

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You can also try their new Chicken Sopas, too!
Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

The Ube Quezo Champorado is part of 7-Eleven's new line of 7-Fresh Pinoy Favorites. This new line of Pinoy favorites also includes Chicken Sopas, another Filipino comfort food, for only P39.

The new Ube Quezo Champorado and Chicken Sopas are available in 7-Eleven branches for P39/serving. You can check the exact addresses through the official 7-Eleven store locator.

For more information, follow 7-Eleven on Facebook.

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