Will Good Shepherd's Purple Ube Ever Be Back?

We talked to Good Shepherd Convent for details!

Last September 23, news about Good Shepherd's famous ube jam was all over the internet because its vibrant purple turned to a pale white color due to scarcity of purple yam and climate change. It is confirmed that a small supply of purple yams arrived in the convent since then, but the return of the bottled purple ube jam in stores remains to have no definite date.

This started with a post on Religious Of The Good Shepherd, Philippines - Japan's official Facebook page, showing a bottle of white ube jam and with the caption that called out the importance of addressing climate change as the cause of this scarcity. Good Shepherd commonly sources their yams from three different neighboring provinces, namely Benguet, La Union, and Ilocos Sur.

Sister Guadalupe Bautista manages the Good Shepherd Convent at Baguio
Photo by Mark Jesalva

In a report by ABS-CBN News, farmers from San Emilio, Ilocos Sur delivered purple yams to the convent after knowing about the unfortunate situation. Sister Guadalupe Bautista, the business manager of Good Shepherd Convent at Baguio, confirms that there is definitely a supply of purple yams, but only a small amount arrived in the convent. She told Yummy.ph via text message that the supply will consist of, "One ton [of purple yam]. White [yams,] 14 tons." Sister Guada also says that farmers are paid P45 in cash for each kilo of yam delivered to Good Shepherd. 

Ube Jam is one of the many best-selling products of Good Shepherd Convent. All of their profits go to their student-workers.
Photo by Mark Jesalva
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When can we expect purple ube jam back in stores? Sister Guada says we can expect the vibrant purple ube jam in their pasalubong center probably next month, in October, but she reiterates that this is not set in stone as it still depends on the harvest. Sister Guada says, "Kahit meron delivery ng purple ube, we will not cook purple, but white ube jam."

As of September 26, Good Shepherd is selling the white ube jam in their stores. Here's the thing, though: You don't have to worry about not ever tasting Good Shepherd's signature ube jam. According to Good Shepherd, the white ube jam is just as good as their purple ube jam.

For now, let's focus our worries on helping fight climate change. As mentioned in the viral post of Religious Of The Good Shepherd, Philippines - Japan, "Now let's all do our share in caring for the earth and calling for climate justice. And let's do this not only because we love Ube Jam but because we #CareForOurCommonHome."


For more information and updates, follow Religious Of The Good Shepherd, Philippines - Japan on Facebook.

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