Meet The Next Big Thing in Dessert: Ube

Purple is the new black.

The moment every Filipino foodie has been waiting for has finally arrived. Food nerds from all over the world are beginning to take notice of the bright, brilliant flavors that we hold dear, one of the most exciting of which is the purple root of our youth, ube.


Ube is a bright purple root crop indigenous to the Philippines, often used in sweet treats such as cake, pastries, and even ice cream. Its flavor is often described as an earthier vanilla, though its main draw really is its playfully purple color.


Most Filipinos know and adore ube, having grown up with it, but foreign foodies have just begun to realize just how amazing our favorite purple root really is. 


The Los Angeles branch of food review creator The Infatuation just featured a slice of halo-halo bread pudding topped with a positively purple scoop of ube ice cream.





In New York City, modern Filipino resto Manila Social Club's indulgent and notoriously expensive gold-leaf-covered donut is gaining loads of traction on social media, not just for its crazy price tag but also for its sweet, vibrant and noticeably purple ube-flavored interior. The real star of their dessert roster, though, is the much simpler, and more accessible Ube Bae Donut, which features the purple root in all its glory, minus the fancy gold leaf.




So, don't be surprised to see people going crazy for ube on Instagram. It was bound to happen.


Image from Infatuation LA's Instagram page

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