Here Are Mouthwatering And Unique Twists On The Mango Float

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There's truly nothing like the classic mango float freezer cake-or sometimes called the mango graham cake. It's a well-loved dessert made with sweet cream in between layers of graham biscuits, then topped with slices of sweet, tangy yellow mangoes. 

If you love the mango float cake but want to switch things upyou can try these mouthwatering desserts that add an interesting twist to the classic dessert.

1 Mango Graham Napoleones from Mav's Sweet Cravings

Photo by Instagram/mavssweetcravings

Are you a fan of Bacolod's famous napoleones? Mav's Sweet Craving's introduces a mango graham version of this delicacy by sandwiching a custard mixed with mangoes, slices of fresh mango in between two pieces of puff pastry. These are topped with a drizzle of sugar glaze and sprinkled with crushed graham.

To place an order, send a message to Mav's Sweet Cravings on Instagram or Facebook.

2 Graham de Leche Cake from Shakin N' Bakin

Photo by Instagram/snbofficialph
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The Graham de Leche cake is precisely a combination of the mango float and leche flan. This 2-in-1 dessert is made with alternating layers of graham crackers and sweet cream, but instead of the usual mango topping, this is topped with a layer of silky leche flan.

To place an order, you can send a message to Shakin N' Bakin PH's Instagram.

3 Mango Float Parfait from Manila Creamery

Photo by and Styling by Chichi Tullao

Three years ago when mango float desserts were considered to be the biggest food trend, local creamery Manila Creamery joined in and released an incredibly delicious Mango Float Parfait. This parfait-in-a-pit is assembled with layers of mango gelato, fresh mangoes, whipped cream, cookie butter, and crushed graham.

To place an order, you can visit Manila Creamery's website.

4 Mango Graham Ice Cream from MAXI Mango

Photo by Facebook/Maxi Mango

One of the biggest purveyors of the mango float was MAXI Mango who offered cups of mango float. They eventually expanded their menu by offering a tub of Mango Graham Ice Cream which is  similar to a blended mango float.

To place an order, you can message Maxi Mango on Facebook.

5 Mango Mousse Cake from Red Ribbon

Photo by Red Ribbon Bakeshop official Facebook

A different mango float-inspired cake is this Mango Mousse Cake from Red Ribbon. This cake is made with a Graham cracker base, topped with mango-flavored cream, cream, and embellished with tiny yellow mango bits. It's a fruity version of their famous Chocolate Mousse!

To place an order, you can order Red Ribbon's Mango Mousse Cake via GrabFood and Foodpanda.


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