Value for Money Baking Products You Should Buy

There's no need to break the bank whenever you bake!


It seems that just about everyone is baking nowadays. Everybody from stay-at-home dads to excitable yuppies is sticking their fingers into the bowl and joining in on the baking craze.

Now, one doesn’t need fancy, expensive equipment or ingredients to get the baking bug. To help you out, we’ve collated a list of some of the best baking products out there that give you the most bang for your buck.


1 TESCO White Chocolate Chunks

These sweet morsels are just like chocolate chips, but with a little bit more body to them. They come in convenient packets with just enough chocolate in them for one quick impulse bake.

2 TESCO Everyday Milk Chocolate Bar

These bars aren’t just for eating! While you may be tempted to take a big bite out of these chocolate bars, they’re actually made specially to be chopped, melted,  or shaved into your favorite chocolate recipes!

3 TESCO Organic Self-Raising Flour

Unlike regular plain or all-purpose flour, TESCO’s Organic Self-Raising Flour comes premixed with its very own raising agents, such as baking soda and salt, making it a real easy shortcut for many bakers.

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4 TESCO Ready-to-Roll Golden Marzipan

You can use this bright yellow, naturally-flavored marzipan to add a bit of almond flavor to your pies and cookies with a grate or two, or you can even cover your cakes with it like fondant!


5 TESCO Everyday Value Plain Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar is anything but plain! Featuring a higher cocoa solid content than its milk chocolate counterpart, plain chocolate isn’t as deep and dark as full on dark chocolate, but it has just enough depth to keep things interesting.

6 TESCO Milk Chocolate Chunks

Milk chocolate lovers will absolutely adore these milk choc chunks, which go great in chocolate chunk cookies, brownies and rocky roads!

TESCO products are available at select SM Supermarket branches.

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