PSA: Vcut Potato Crisps Are Now Available In A Party Pack!

You can now share your chips with your friends!

IMAGE Jack 'N Jill Vcut

For people who gravitate toward a pack of chips for merienda, childhood favorites always top that snack list. We're sure Vcut's crispy and spicy ridged-sliced chips are a big favorite.

Good news: Vcut Potato Crisps now comes in a bigger pack! It's the same ol' thick, crispy, spicy barbecue-flavored Vcut Potato Crisps. It's easy to share chips with everyone since this is best for sharing-without leaving anyone with an unfulfilled potato chip craving.

But if we're completely being honest, we want to be a little selfish with it and munch on this party pack on our own, most probably while binge-watching a Netflix series. A Vcut party pack for a party of one? Why not!

The Vcut Party Pack is not widely accessible yet, so better keep an eye out in supermarkets and convenience stores!

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