You Can Now Get Baguio's Victoria Bakery Cream Puffs In Manila

They have cream puff variants in chocolate, ube, and more.

Among the things you can't miss when in Baguio are the famous cream puffs by Victoria Bakery. They have a generous amount of pastry-cream filling, which comes in different flavors like chocolate, melon, ube, and more. If you've been missing them as much as we have, here's a reason to celebrate: you can now get their cream puffs delivered in Manila through Hezekiah's Sari2 Service!

Hezekiah's Sari2 Service offers the cream puffs in boxes of eight and boxes of 12. You can go for the Original Cream Puffs (P330/box of eight, P430/box of 12) if you're after the simple, unadulterated taste of custard. For a multi-flavor party, you can get a box of Assorted Cream Puffs (P380/box of eight, P470/box of 12) which has different cream puff flavors: the box of eight has three of the Original and one each of the Ube, Choco, Matcha, Pandan, and Melon; while the box of 12 has two each of the Original, Ube, Choco, Matcha, Pandan, and Melon variants.

You can't go wrong with the Original Cream Puffs.
PHOTO BY Facebook/Victoria Bakery
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They've also got other flavors, like Chocolate...
PHOTO BY Facebook/Victoria Bakery
...and Ube!
PHOTO BY Facebook/Victoria Bakery

The cream puffs are available every for delivery on Thursdays, and they take orders until 12 p.m. every Monday. You can simply send them a message on Facebook to get your fix. Hezekiah's Sari2 Service accept payments via GCash and BDO bank deposit. They also deliver other regional specialties like the Merzci Napoleones (P250/box of six, P350/box of 12) from Bacolod and the First Baker Special Silvanas (P230/box of 15) from Nueva Ecija.


Looking for more regional desserts in Manila? You'll be happy to know that you can also get other treats delivered-including Lemon Pie House's Lemon Pie from Sagada, and Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake from Baguio. 

For orders, send a message to Hezekiah's Sari2 Service's Facebook page.

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