This Delicious Strawberry Tart Is A Must-Try On Your Next Trip To Baguio!

Don't miss out on this delicious strawberry dessert.

Vizco's famous strawberry shortcake!
Photo by Mark Jesalva

Even before Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca's steamy Glorious film featuring Vizco's desserts, the strawberry shortcake from Vizco's has long been a favorite amongst locals and tourists visiting Baguio. It's light, creamy, and uses fresh strawberries. It's a straightforward cake and compared to Manila's prices for strawberry desserts, Vizco's is way more affordable.

Vizco's Strawberry Tart costs P120 per slice and P820 for the whole pie.
Photo by Adrian Dungo of Fog Photo
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But there's one more fantastic strawberry dessert from Vizco's you're missing out on: meet the strawberry shortcake's sister, the Strawberry Tart (P120/slice; P820/whole). Equally gorgeous as the famous shortcake, the strawberry tart is richer and heavier. It has five layers: from the bottom-up there's the pie crust, a hard chocolate layer, pastry cream, gelatin, and strawberries. According to Jackie Vizcocho Dizon, the owner of Vizco's, they add in the chocolate layer to avoid the crust from getting soggy.

"I just wanted to make a dessert that highlighted what Baguio is famous for," shares Jackie Vizcocho Dizon.
Photo by Mark Jesalva

As delicious and mouthwatering as it looks in photos, it simply doesn't give it any justice until you've tried it for yourself. The sweetness of the thick pastry cream complements the tartness of the red strawberries on top. The added layer of bittersweet chocolate also adds depth to the tart. It's similar to how we often enjoy strawberries: strawberries with evaporated milk or condensed milk; strawberries coated with chocolate-Vizco's tart is the fusion of both. 


Tart strawberries + sweet cream + bittersweet chocolate!
Photo by Adrian Dungo of Fog Photo

What's more to like about the strawberry tart is that it's more travel-friendly (aka pasalubong-friendly) than the strawberry shortcake. Because it comes in a pie container, the danger of it melting away is less likely to happen. Just remember to put it in the refrigerator when you get home and consume it within 2-3 days. 


These strawberry tarts aren't usually available on a daily basis, but according to Jackie they're making this available every day just for the holidays. It's important to note that the strawberry tart is produced in limited quantities but they produce more tarts on weekends. 

A sure-fire way of reserving a box for you is dropping by their shop early or calling these numbers two days ahead of the date you need it: Session Road branch - (074) 446-7082 or (0917) 5790962; Southmall Baguio Cake Shop - (0917) 8611445, (0917) 3178742.

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