Craving Pares? Check Out This Famous Streetside Pares Place In Makati

Meet Kabayan's Walastik pares.

IMAGE Mario Roco San Pedro III

For some reason, beef pares bought from the street or a small carinderia hits differently versus buying it in a restaurant. Maybe because it's more affordable, maybe because it's a simple and straightforward version versus a fancier, more premium take on the fork-tender braised beef stew. Or maybe it's both.

A streetside paresan that's gaining a lot of attention for its delicious pares is an unnamed stall people refer to as Walastik Pares, also called Walastik and D'Orig Walastik.


Customers can't seem to get enough of Wilbert Ramos' (also called "Kabayan" by regular customers) cholesterol-inducing creamy pares sauce that is thick, creamy, and glistens as it coats the meat.

At Walastik Pares, you can choose what kind of meat you want to be the main meat of your Walastik pares. The choices are utak, mata, isaw, tumbong, litid, bone marrow, and their bestseller, bulalo.

Photo by Mario Roco San Pedro III
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According to Mario Roco San Pedro III who went all the way to Bangkal, Makati City to try Kabayan's famous Walastik, theirs is an evolved version of beef pares made to fit the Pinoy pocket. He says, "This is not the beef pares I have known for long but it doesn't matter. From sweet beef stew to slightly thickened soup with beef innards, butt, balls, or brain, for I know that it will fill the hungry tummy of many."


 "[It's] nice to see the ingenuity of the Pinoys, the Original Beef Pares of Retiro that uses choice cuts of beef (briskets, shanks, forequarter, etc), they replaced it with cheaper cuts of beef from head to tail."

Pares is the kind of ulam that pairs perfectly with rice and the Walastik is no exception-it is best paired with a heaping bowl of their garlicky fried rice. According to a documentary by Tikim TV, Kabayan cooks around 40 kilos of rice per day, a testament to how good the rice is! 

Walastik Pares is also known for its Soup No. 5, a dish for adventurous eaters who don't mind eating bull's testicles. It's not always readily available compared to the pares, so if you pass by Kabayan's stall and it's available, you should give it a try and cross it off your bucket list if you haven't tried it out!

Walastik Pares is located at Mascardo Street corner Apolinario, Bangkal, Makati City.



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