Save Time And Money With This Unlimited Grocery Delivery Deal For Only P300

Unlimited delivery for one month? Yes, please!

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Getting groceries done is already difficult as it is with Manila's bumper-to-bumper traffic and unfortunately for us, it's not going to get any easier now that the holiday season is fast approaching. Thankfully, online deliveries exist to make our lives easier. 

WalterMart has an Unli Delivery promo you don't want to miss! For single transactions with a minimum of P2,000, you can get unlimited deliveries for a whole month for a measly additional fee of P300 to be paid on your first order. All you have to do is use the promo code: UNLIDEL.

Walter Mart's Unli Delivery promo is only available within Metro Manila. Do take note that only one promo code can be used for one email, and there can only be one delivery address. 

WalterMart's Unlimited Delivery promo is available through on the official website or on mobile. The WalterMart application is available for android and iOS users.


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