Want More Kitchen Space? Try These Space-Saving Hacks

Because you need more elbow room when baking cookies.


When you’re planning on whipping up your best paella recipe or want to try out a new cheesecake for this weekend, the last thing you need is cramped kitchen space.

How to get more space in your favorite room? Try these space-saving hacks:


Install a foldaway extra table

Not enough counter space?  A foldaway table can serve as extra prep space.




Extra shelves inside cabinets helps you store more items

Additional shelves inside your cupboards can accommodate plates, bowls, and other kitchen must-haves.



Create a wall organizer.

A pegboard can act as a catch-all for utensils and tools which you often use. You can use the extra drawer space they would have occupied for other kitchen items such as linens and towels.



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