Poblacion’s “Wantusawa” Under Fire For Alleged Multiple Food Poisoning Cases

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Wantusawa, a famous oyster bar in Poblacion, Makati City, is being heavily criticized on social media for allegedly causing food poisoning. This came after a Facebook post that called out the establishment for removing their Facebook review section and with it, more than 20 screenshots of reviews posted on their Facebook claiming they got food poisoning.


What Some Reviewers Said About Their Experiences

The screenshots show that the reviewers reportedly felt sick after eating their fresh oysters from the establishment. One said, "We ordered fresh oysters, at least that's what we came here for. And the day after we have been experiencing abdominal cramps, gas bloating, nausea, and a VERY BAD CASE OF LOOSE BOWEL MOVEMENT. We have to see a doctor to be under antibiotics!"

Another review of Wantusawa goes: "Food poisoning. We ate here last Tuesday and the symptoms started last night to this morning, both of us are experiencing terrible abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Please look into your food sanitation ASAP as this is not an isolated case."

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One of the reviews from the post mentions they tried contacting Wantusawa after their own experience eating at the establishment:

"Yung gusto lang naman namin kumain ng oysters for my bestie's birthday celebration pero nauwi sa nightmare 7 kami kumain and 4 of us experienced food poison symptoms (vomiting and diarrhea). 50 pesos nga lang isang oyster pero grabe yung kapalit ng gagastusin mo para sa gamot. I reached out to Wantusawa IG page and reported this incident, ang sagot lang is ipapa-lab daw yung mga oysters to check for bacteria. Diba dapat pinalab niyo muna bago niyo sinerve samin? Nakakgalit lang kasi muntik nako isugod sa ER. Truly disaapointing and we will [never] come back. Bye."


What Does The Law Say You Can Do If You Get Food Poisoning From A Restaurant 

If you are a victim of food poisoning from a restaurant and want to report it, you should know what the law and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency says you can do. 

According to Article V, Rule 15c and 15d of the Food Safety Act of 2013, "The LGUs (local government units) shall be responsible for the implementation of the food safety requirements of foods produced within their areas of jurisdiction. They shall be guided by national regulations.

"This shall include primary, postharvest, processed and prepackaged foods marketed in traditional markets, as well as restaurants and school canteens, catered foods, street vended, and/or ambulant-vended foods and the requirements for activities and facilities for the production, handling, processing, preparation, transport and storage of these foods."

According to the FDA FAQs website under the Food Safety Unit, you can report your experience to your local LGU if the establishment refuses to acknowledge your complaint. "You may contact via their respective social media account or visit the nearest Local Government Unit in your area, specifically to the City Health Office or Sanitation Officer and file your complaint directly to them."


As of writing, Wantusawa's review section on Facebook is still disabled, and they have not released a statement about these multiple food poisoning complaints. 


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