5 Easy Ways You Can Support Small Food Businesses This Christmas

These small, supportive gestures make big differences for business owners!

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Ask anyone who works in the food and beverage industry—the holidays are definitely the busiest times of the year.  Hundreds of food business owners and workers put in hours every single day to make products that are delicious and good-quality. If you’re a business owner yourself, you probably know the struggles of small-scale food production. Here are 5 small and easy ways to support small food businesses this Christmas:


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1 Purchase cookies and cakes for gift-giving.

For every small food business owner, every cake and cookie sold is an accomplishment. Make their Christmases merrier by ordering a few to give as gifts to your friends. The great thing about both desserts is that they last long and are easy to transport or deliver. 

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2 Order a dish or dessert for your potluck party contributions.

Here's an idea: if you know anyone in your village or community who sells food from their homes, order a dish to bring to your next potluck party. You'll have less to worry about once the party approaches! 

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3 Order dip or spreads, or even a main dish to be part of your Noche Buena spread.

Noche Buena can sometimes be a little overwhelming to prepare. While you're busy preparing your main roasts for dinner, why not order the side dishes, snacks, or appetizers from a local food business owner? It could be the other way around, too. You can opt to order your main dish from a local supplier to cut back on prep time during the holidays. 

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4 Make it a gift exchange rule.

Organizing a gift exchange with your barkada? Make it a rule: only give gifts that support small business. There are plenty to choose from and no one will have a difficult time sourcing a gift. 

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5 Tag your photos on social media.

Let the world know where all your delicious food comes from! Social media and word-of-mouth are the main promotion options for small businesses. You will be giving business owners loads of exposure by simply tagging them in the photos that you post on social media. 


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