We Have A Guide To The Secret Menu of BLK 513 Frozen Yogurt!

A passcode is required to get these treats!

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Frozen yogurt is a healthier way to enjoy desserts-it has less fat than your regular ice cream and the yogurt component aids for better digestion. More than your usual frozen yogurt, BLK 513 is the first to serve Greek yogurt with activated charcoal that helps with detoxifying-BLK 513 calls it the Dark Skim.



Did you know that they have a secret menu? To enter the secret bar, a passcode is required! Any guesses on what the passcode is?


BLK 513 has recently opened a new branch at U.P. Town Center where they have a secret bar with a secret menu, which consists of six new flavors. Unlike the Dark Skim, all of these secret flavors are made with a new base called "Milk Tart." This new base is creamier and more indulgent because it's made with whole-milk Greek yogurt which gives it a milky and sweeter flavor to it. Be prepared! To get these treats, you have to know the right passcode to enter the secret bar!



The Honey Cereal Glow proves that breakfast can be fun and sweet! 


Start the day with a cup of Good Morning Love which is best shared with your loved ones!


For a healthier breakfast, they have the Honey Cereal Glow (P300) which is a colorful combination of kiwi, strawberries, and golden corn flakes, drizzled with mango sauce and topped with a honey pipette. The Good Morning Love (P280) is simple and delicious-it has sweet biscuits, gooey butter bars, coffee jelly, strawberries, and it's drizzled with a dark mocha sauce.



The Pink Tea Cheesecake will surely tickle your taste buds! 



The chocolate-and-banana combo is sure to win the kids over!


If you love cheesecake, opt for the Pink Tea Cheesecake (P340) which has strawberries, biscuits, and an Early Grey mousse. This is topped with decadent cheesecake bites and BLK's signature Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake sauce. But if you're a huge fan of the chocolate and banana combination, try the Banoffee Pie (P280) which is loaded with bananas, caramelized cookies, silky peanut butter pannacotta. It's beautifully drizzled with choco banana sauce and sprinkled with chocolate-dipped banana chips!



You can never go wrong with the classic chocolate and strawberry combo of Frozen Hot Chocolate!


The Tropical Matcha has an abundance of your favorite green matcha flavor!

You can never go wrong with chocolate! Their Frozen Hot Chocolate (P330) is BLK 513's take on the New York's famed dessert. It's made with vegan brownies, malt cookies, strawberries, and a dark chocolate mousse. It's even topped with more chocolate with their Dark Valrhona sauce and vegan lace cookie. If they have an overload of chocolate flavors, they also have an overload of matcha! Try BLK 513's Tropical Matcha (P300) which has layers of vegan matcha granola, ripe mangoes, and matcha pannacotta. This treat is glazed with matcha sauce, sprinkled with matcha powder, and topped with matcha tuille.



You can only get these flavors at their branch at U.P. Town Center, GF, UP Town Center, Katipunan. Don't forget to ask for the secret menu!



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