What Does Real Buffalo-style Chicken Taste Like?

Here’s how you can tell if the buffalo chicken you’re having is the real deal.

What Does Real Buffalo-style Chicken Taste Like?

If you always find yourself craving for something hot and spicy, the buffalo-style chicken might just be the recipe for you!

Buffalo-style chicken, more popularly known as buffalo wings (it's often made using chicken wings), is an American dish often served on gameday. The base sauce for the recipe is melted butter or margarine, hot sauce, and cayenne pepper. It's often served with a creamy blue cheese dip with a side of carrot sticks.

The authentic buffalo-style chicken is deep-fried until it's crunchy and then thrown in a pan of hot sauce until it's evenly coated. It has a distinct tangy and spicy taste that you can adjust depending on your preference: mild, medium, or hot. You can either enjoy it as an appetizer or pair it with a cup of steaming white rice.

The secret to a delicious buffalo-style chicken is in the sauce. It has to have that right combination of heat, zest, and buttery flavor. If you don't have much time to whip up your own, head to the nearest McDonald's in your area! They've recently released their very own version: Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken.

Following their English-inspired Fish and Fries meal, comes this new twist to their Chicken McDo. It's their classic fried chicken with buffalo sauce. It has a buttery flavor and aroma with a spicy kick true to the classic buffalo chicken recipe.

Can't handle that extra zing? Have it with McDo's Hot Fudge Sundae, McFlurry, or fries! But, if you prefer something cold instead, you can also pair it with Creamy McFreeze.

The new Spicy Buffalo-Style Chicken is available at any McDonald's restaurant nationwide, for a limited time only. Try it out and let us know what you think!


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