What Exactly Is an Espresso and How Can You Drink It?

Espresso shots are the base of many coffee drinks.

An espresso is a concentrated pull of coffee served and measured in shots. Because a shot is pulled with hot water, often through a machine, an espresso is full-bodied and strong in flavor. Often served in small cups that holds 1 ounce of espresso, one serving is meant to be sipped slowly as opposed to gulping it down. 


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Espressos can also be the base of different kinds of coffee drinks: a cappuccino is made from a mix of espresso, milk, and foam, and an Americano is at least 2 shots of espresso combined with a few ounces of water. 


As part of a new initiative to take coffee to the next level, Starbucks Reserve has recently introduced new espresso-based drinks to their menu. With the introduction of their new Black Eagle espresso machine in their Powerplant Mall and The Podium branches, coffee innovation has never been easier. 




Take a seat at the bar and choose a new drink of your liking—there's a type for everyone! The Vanilla Bean Latte is simple and approachable: espresso, foam milk, vanilla bean syrup, and finished with latte art. 



The Shakerato Bianco is an espresso shaken with ice and finished with a vanilla sweet cream. It's light. If you like your drinks a little on the sweet side, go for the Shakerato Bianco Deconstructed: an espresso shaken with ice, demerara syrup, and served with vanilla sweet cream on the side. 



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