Where To Buy A Turbo Broiler For Less Than P3,500

Are you on Team Turbo Broiler?

Getting an air fryer versus a turbo broiler has been a hot topic for a while now and if you’re on Team Turbo Broiler, then you probably agree and have argued that the air fryer is a turbo broiler (or even a convection oven) in disguise. 

Another advantage of the turbo broiler? This kitchen appliance is more affordable than air fryers. Most branded air fryers cost P3,500 or more, while most branded turbo broilers won’t cost you more than P3,500. Turbo broilers have a bigger cooking capacity, too!

We already have a list of small capacity ovens you can buy if you have limited kitchen space, large capacity ovens that are perfect for bulk cooking and baking, and now, here’s a list of affordable air fryers that won’t cost more than P3,500:

Photo by American Heritage

American Heritage’s Turbo Broiler: AHTB-2033

Price: P3,299 on American Heritage’s website

This turbo broiler has a 12-liter capacity and has a wattage of 1300. It has a light-wave technology for faster and even cooking and it also thoroughly thaws frozen food. This comes with a high rack tray, glass bowl, and holder.

Photo by Anson’s

American Home’s Turbo Broiler: ATB-830

Price: P2,499 (discounted price) on Anson’s

This turbo broiler has an 11-liter capacity and a 1350 wattage. It has a temperature control that ranges from 65 to 250ºC and it has eight different cooking functions: broils, bakes, barbecues, roasts, boils without water, steams, stews, and fries without oil. It comes with a high rack tray, glass bowl, and holder.

Photo by Abenson

Dowell’s Turbo Broiler: TB-75MM

Price: P2,098 on Abenson


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This turbo broiler has a 7-liter capacity and a 900 wattage. It has a glass bowl, halogen lamp, thermostat control, power heat control, and a timer indicator. This comes with a high food rack, low food rack, and a tong.

Photo by Hanabishi

Hanabishi’s Turbo Broiler: HTB-140SS

Price: P2,530 on Hanabishi’s official website

This turbo broiler is a little different than your usual turbo broilers that use a glass bowl, as this Hanabishi turbo broiler uses a stainless steel pot instead. It comes with a low rack, high rack, and tong.

Photo by Anson’s

Imarflex Turbo Broiler: CVO-650G

Price: P2,949 on Anson’s


This Imarflex turbo broiler has a 12-liter capacity and a 1300 wattage. This has a stainless steel body and fan, tempered glass bowl, stainless steel reversible rack, and a stainless steel drip pan and tongs.

Photo by Kyowa

Kyowa’s Turbo Broiler: KW-3901

Price: P2,100 on Kyowa’s official website

Kyowa’s turbo broiler has a 10-liter capacity and a 1,300 wattage. This has six cooking functions: roast, bake, steam, fry, toast, and defrost.


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