Here Are The Bibingka-Inspired Desserts + Drink You Can Order This Christmas Season

Christmas season = bibingka season!

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The Christmas season in the Philippines starts exactly the second after the clock strikes midnight on August 31. There are a few things you can expect when the four month-long Pinoy holiday season starts: Jose Mari Chan memes, malls and stores will soon start selling Christmas decor, and, of course, Christmas food such as bibingka will be all over social media. 

Soft, buttery, and made more flavorful with slices of salted egg and cheese, the straightforwardness of a classic bibingka never fails. This doesn't mean there's no room left for creativity. If you want to try unique bibingka-inspired desserts and drinks, check these out:

Photo by Astoria Plaza

Astoria Plaza: Triple Bibingcake

As the name suggests, the Triple Bibingcake is made with three types of bibingka stacked on top of each to form a cake. This has layers of Astoria's bestselling Traditional, Ube, and Dulce de Leche bibingka. It's topped with salted egg, ube halaya, muscovado sugar, grated cheese, and the sides are covered in grated coconut.

How to order + priceAstoria's Triple Bibingcake is available via their official website, priced at P1,100.

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David's Food Orders: Bibingka Burnt Cheesecake

Remember the burnt Basque cheesecake trend? Well, now there's a bibingka version of it, too! One of David's Food Orders' signature desserts is their Bibingka Burnt Cheesecake which has that distinct burnt top, slices of salted egg, and grated cheese.

How to order + price: The Bibingka Burnt Cheesecake costs P680/6-inch. You can place your order by messaging David's Food Orders on Instagram. Do take note there's a lead time of 1-2 days.

Photo by Deli By Chele

Deli by Chele: Chika

Chef Carlos Villafor of Gallery by Chele is the brains behind their newest dessert named Chika. The Chika takes the usual bibingka cheesecake up a notch: it's a burnt Basque cheesecake with bibingka flavors, wrapped in banana leaves, then topped with cured egg yolk and pili nuts.

How to order + price: Deli by Chele's Chika is available via the official website, priced at P960.

Dulce Bakery By Mela: Ultimate Pamaskong Cake

Dulce Bakery By Mela is not messing around when they named their dessert the "Ultimate Pamaskong Cake." This cake is a combination of two famous Christmas food: bibingka and puto bumbong

Thie Ultimate Pamaskong Cake has layers of bibingka chiffon, ube chiffon, leche flan, latik, muscovado, macapuno, then frosted with an ube swiss meringue and topped with queso de bola.

How to order + price: You can place an order by contacting Dulce Bakery By Mela at (0917) 896-0701. The Ultimate Pamaskong Cake is priced at P2,550/9-inch cake. 


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Photo by Instagram/papakape

Papakape: Bibingkaccino

Papakape, one of the new and hip cafés in Makati, is known to serve unique beverages. Their signature drinks are either made with a ginger-infused coffee and ginger-infused tea base. For the holidays, Papakape has a holiday menu that includes a Bibingkaccino: a portmanteau of bibingka and cappuccino.


Papakape's Bibingkaccino is a hot coffee beverage made with vanilla coffee with coconut froth. It's topped with muscovado and grated quezo. The other drinks on Papakape's holiday menu include Horlicks, Grapefruit Black Iced Tea, Peppermint Macchiato, and a Black Forest Macchiato.

How to order + pricePapakape's Bibingkaccino, priced at P160, is only available for takeout and pickup only. You can visit Papakape at 5641 Ampere Street, Makati City.

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Photo by Bea Faicol

Ted's Kitchen: Sta Cruz Bibingka Cheesecake

One of the many hidden gems of Laguna is Ted's Kitchen's Sta Cruz Bibingka Cheesecake. The cheesecake itself is made with a combination of kesong puti, cream cheese, and coconut cream.  Just like bibingka, it's topped with slices of salted duck eggs. It's finished off with desiccated coconut pressed on the sides.

How to order + price: The Sta. Cruz Bibingka Cheesecake is priced at P250/slice and P1,300/whole. You can message Ted's Kitchen Laguna on Facebook to place an order. 


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