LIST: 10 Budget-Friendly Ulam Platters Below P1,500

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Preparing a great holiday feast doesn't require you to slave in the kitchen all day. Take some of the pressure off your shoulders, and have some potluck trays to go along with home-cooked family favorites-or maybe take a break from cooking and just have ready-made platters on the table. With our list of budget-friendly potluck trays that range from pork and beef to chicken, seafood, and even vegetarian dishes, no one-including your wallet-will be complaining.

Where to order pork platters

Brick Oven Char Siu by Casa Lao (P350/250g, P650/500g, P1,290/1kg)


Opening just in 2020, Casa Lao has quickly established itself as a go-to for comforting Chinese food in platters made for special occasions like the holidays. Their signature Brick Oven Char Siu is marinated for three days in a special smoky glaze and then baked, resulting in juicy roast pork with just the right amount of tender fat to make them melt-in-your-mouth rich. Pair these with rice or stuff them in between mantou with the special dipping sauce these trays come with.

To order, send Casa Lao a message on Instagram (@casalaomnl).

House Crispy Sisig by Manam (P935)

Photo by Manam
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'Coz everyone knows we can never get enough of their signature sisig, Manam thankfully offers their best-selling House Crispy Sisig in trays for less than P1,000. For the uninitiated, this sisig is a treat with crispy pork jowl and cheek served sizzling in a creamy, umami-rich sauce. Best part? It's available for delivery, too.

To order, visit Manam branches or order online via the Manam website.

Where to order chicken platters

Honey Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato au Gratin by Mum's Lasagna (P1,290)

Photo by Mum's Lasagna

Though their name tells you that their lasagna is their specialty, Mum's Lasagna also makes a mean roasted chicken that is sure to be a hit on the Christmas table. Their Honey Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato au Gratin is a showstopper, with a whole roast chicken marinated for 48 hours and glazed with a secret sweet-savory sauce for maximum flavor. This chicken is then laid atop a creamy sweet potato au gratin with a cheesy, herby crust. Orders should be made at least 3 hours before.

To order, visit Mum's Lasagna's order form.

Hainanese Chicken Tray by Babu (P1,400)


Sometimes, you just need a platter that's a complete meal in itself, and you can trust Babu's Hainanese Chicken Tray to save the day. This hefty tray already includes everything you need for a complete Hainanese chicken rice plate: tender chicken, flavorful rice, and lots of fresh and crispy veggies-all for less than P1,500, too.

To order visit The Grid

Where to order beef platters

Italian Filetto by Azucar y Sal (P1,350/1/2 kilo)

Photo by Azucar y Sal

Treat the family to a delish steak meal without breaking the bank with Azucar y Sal's Italian Filetto. A tray of this dish will get you juicy slices of steak marinated in a lip-smacking butter sauce and topped with garlic and fresh rosemary. All you need is a side of mashed potatoes-or rice!

To order, visit Azucar y Sal's website

Gyudon by The Kitchen MNL (P900/medium)

Photo by The Kitchen MNL

Though they are famous for their sushi bake, The Kitchen MNL also makes a gyudon tray that is sure to impress. A medium tray is already good for a family of three to four, and each order comes with tender beef and rice flavored with a savory gyudon sauce plus crispy enoki mushrooms and an onsen egg. 

To order, send a message to The Kitchen MNL 's Instagram.

Where to order seafood platters

Stuffed Seafood Eggplant by JenCooksPH (P550/4 to 6 pieces; P1,500/12 to 15 pieces)

Photo by JenCooksPH

While JenCooksPH now offers a pretty extensive menu of Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) home-cooked dishes, they are still best known for their Stuffed Seafood Eggplant-and for good reason. Each piece has a pan-fried eggplant that's topped with a seafood ball reminiscent of bola-bola before it's braised in a homey, savory sauce. You'll want lots of rice with this.

To order, send a message to JenCooksPH on Instagram

Bangus ala Pobre with Seafood Garlic Rice by Sarsa (P940)

Photo by Sarsa

Filipino restaurant Sarsa now offers party bilaos which are complete meals on their own. Their Bangus ala Pobre with Seafood Garlic Rice is a fiesta on a plate with a tangy sinigang gravy plus garlic annatto oil, seafood garlic rice, tomatoes, onions, and salted egg. 

To order, visit the Sarsa website or send a message to (0917) 528-0115 on Viber.

Where to order vegetarian platters

Truffle Mushroom Fortune Bags from China Mommy (P1,000/half order)

Photo by China Mommy

China Mommy may be best known for their special crab dishes, but their Fortune Bags have also become popular among their regulars for good reason. Their new Truffle Mushroom Fortune Bags have three kinds of mushrooms plus vegetables stuffed in tofu skin and then steamed-meatless but not lacking in meaty flavor. A half order already gets you 12 bags so there's more than enough to go around.

To order, message China Mommy on Viber at (0917) 514-8540.

Shroomdon by Kodawari (P1,100/half tray)

Photo by Kodawari

While Kodawari offers a great, classic Gyudon, their Shroomdon is nothing to scoff at. This umami-packed version comes with four kinds of mushrooms: enoki, shimeji, shiitake, and king oyster mushrooms, plus a 63-degree egg and talbos ng kamote on top of Japanese rice. For those who prefer beef and even those who enjoy a great mushroom dish, this tray is the one to have on the holiday table.

To order, send a message to Kodawari on Instagram


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