What Are Cotton Candy Grapes + Where To Buy It

Just like any other fruit, grapes come in different varieties. The grapes you can find in supermarkets and public markets in the Philippines come in different shades of purple and green. And just in case you don't know your way around the world of grapes, there's a kind of green grape called a Cotton Candy grape.


What are cotton candy grapes?

Cotton candy grapes are, simply put, grapes that have the sweet taste of cotton candy. 

According to Only Foods, this is a seedless green grape that was released to the public in 2011 in California. It took more than 10 years for David Cain and his team to produce this kind of grape by hybridizing grapes which give it its distinct cotton candy-like taste. In a report by Los Angeles Times, Cain said they created this to compete against candy bars and cookies. Cain is a former scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

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Photo by Grapery

Grapery is one of the known brands that grow cotton candy grapes in the United States of America. According to their website, these are non-GMO and all-natural. It is described as "Golden yellow to bright green" and "taste just like the famous and delicious pink spun carnival treat. Except you won't get any sticky fingers."

When are cotton candy grapes in season? Cotton candy grapes are abundant during August and September in California.

Because of the sweetness of cotton candy grapes, this makes it great for snacking! But you can definitely experiment with it and incorporate it into drinks, desserts, and maybe even dishes. 

Where to buy cotton candy grapes?


There are resellers of Grapery's Cotton Candy Grapes in the Philippines. There's Juicery Philippines which sells a pack of Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes for P780 per pack. 

As of writing, Juicery Philippines Grapery Cotton Candy Grapes are out of stock, but since it's going to be in season soon, better watch out for updates once it's available again. For now, you can browse their page for other Grapery products and more imported fruits.


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