Brighten Up Your Mornings With These IG-Worthy Coffee Cups

Time to start a mug collection!

If you live and work in Metro Manila, then your daily routine probably involves heading to your fave cafe for a fresh cup of coffee to get you energized for a busy day-at least before the pandemic, that is. Nowadays, you have to do make do with coffee at home. We know, it's not quite the same, but there are lots of ways to make your homemade cup of joe extra special. You can try making fun variations of the drink like dalgona coffee or coffee jelly. Another trick to leveling up your morning coffee is serving it in a pretty cup. Trust us, surrounding yourself with aesthetically pleasing items (even small ones) can really boost your morning mood. If you don't have a chic coffee mug at home just yet, we round up some stylish finds you can shop below.

Check out these pretty coffee mugs you can shop in Manila: 

Photo by Sunday Home
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Sunday Home Milk Cups

We can't take our eyes off these glass mugs from Sunday Home, which resemble mini milk cartons. Don't worry, they come with mini glass straws so you won't make a mess while sipping your cup of joe. They'll make your breakfast spread look extra IG-worthy!


Available for pre-order on Sunday Home's Instagram page for P450 each.


Photo by Hoom

Hoom Falcon Mugs

Keep your breakfast setup sleek and simple with these chic Falcon mugs from Hoom, which sport a versatile design that brings to mind Scandinavian interior design. The brand's Falcon collection also includes bowls, baking tins, trays, plates, pitchers, teapots, and more in the same minimalist aesthetic and chic colors, so you can get all your dinnerware to match!


Available on Hoom's Instagram page for P950 each.

Photo by Harper and Harlow

Harper and Harlow Mirrored Cup and Saucer

Look closely: this cup-and-saucer set from Harper and Harlow may not be what you think it is at first glance. The saucer features a detailed sketch of a Zebra, which then reflects onto the shiny gold surface of the cup, making it look as if the design is on the cup, too. They also have other animal designs including a lion, a dog, a horse, and a tiger.


Available on Harper and Harlow's website for P650.

Photo by Nordic Home

Nordic Home Freya Marble Tea Set

These cups from Nordic Home keep it simple and timeless with a plain ivory body, but if you look closely, you'll see a marble-like pattern on the handle for a subtle touch of elegance. The best part is that it comes with a gorgeous golden spoon shaped to look like the branch of a tree. You can get the cup, saucer, and spoon for just P350 for the whole set!


Available on Nordic Home's website for P350.

Photo by Rustan's

Creative Tops Victoria and Albert Gujarat Mug

The intricate pattern and muted colors on this mug will help add some calming energy to your mornings. The pattern is made up cute flowers, leaves, and peacocks. This unique cup is sure to be one of the stand-out pieces in your dining collection.


Available at Rustan's for P995.


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