Where To Buy Fish Ball Sauce (For A Great Street Food Experience At Home!)

Fishball sauce is just one of those sauces that is difficult to recreate at home. It may taste similar, but it just doesn't hit the same way as kuya's or manong's secret concoction of sweet, spicy sauce.

If you're not confident that you'll be able to make your own fishball sauce at home, there are tons of sellers-ones that actually have a fishball business-that sell these by the bottle, just so you can experience the best street food at home.

Check them out:


Hungry Daddy

Hungry Daddy offers a Sweet Sauce (P90/300ml), Sweet and Spicy Sauce (P90/300ml), and Special Vinegar that's available as regular or spicy (P120). This store is also selling fishball (P60/30 pieces and P100/50 pieces), squid ball (P50/10 pieces and P90/20 pieces), kikiam (P65/10 pieces and P120/20 pieces), chicken ball (P50/10 pieces and P90/20 pieces), and cooked kwek-kwek (P10/each)

To place an order, you can send Hungry Daddy a message on Instagram.

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Manong's Fishball Sauce

One of the most popular fishball sauces out there is Manong's Fishball Sauce! They sell their sweet and spicy sauce at P60/350-milliliter and P150/liter.

They have great bundles that combine street food and a 350-milliliter bottle of sauce, too! There's the Combi 1 (P140) that has a kilogram of fishball, Combi 2 (P130) that has 500 grams of squid ball, Combi 3 (P140) that has 500 grams of kikiam, and Combi 4 (P130) that has 500 grams of chicken balls. Then there's the Party Pack (P450) that includes a liter of sauce, a kilogram of fishball, 500 grams of squid ball, 500 grams of kikiam, and 50 grams of chicken ball.

To place an order or be a reseller, you can fill out Manong's Fishball Sauce order form.


Saucy Tita

Daddy and Manong aren't the only ones serving fishball sauce, there's Saucy Tita, too! Saucy Tita sells their own take on Manong's Sauce for P95/500-milliliter bottle. 

This sauce is being offered in bundles, too! The Combo Kit with a kilogram of fishball costs P180, the one with 500 grams of squid ball costs P180, and the one with 500 grams of chicken balls cost P180.

To place an order, you can send Saucy Tita a message on Instagram or text them at (0915) 565-2242.?


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