This Online Shop Sells A DIY Meiji Apollo Kit And Other Unique Japanese Food Items!

They sell takoyaki, California sushi rolls, and gyoza.

IMAGE Tokyo Market

One of the best things to do when in Japan is to visit the konbini (convenience store) or the supermarket to check out the wide selection of snacks and drinks. There's never a shortage of flavors and snacks to choose from, to the point that it can be a little overwhelming to just pick one. Case in point: just the Japan-exclusive KitKat flavors alone come in more than 400 flavors. If you want to add hard-to-find Japanese food items to your snack stash, you can find unique snacks, noodles, beverages, and even cooked Japanese food trays at online store Tokyo Market.

Photo by Tokyo Market

Some snacks we spotted: Meiji Hand Made Apollo (P185), Glico's Smoky Pretz (P85), Calbee's Sapporo Potato in Barbecue Flavor (P95), Bourbon's Petit nori Chips (P70), and they even have the Kameda Tsumami-Dane (P21) which is a mixed pack of 10 different snacks.

Photo by Tokyo Market
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If you love instant noodles, this online shop also has the Ajinomoto Knorr Soup Deli collection that's available in Clam Chowder, Cod Roe Cream Soup, Onion Soup, Deli Salmon and Spinach Cream Soup, and Deli Shrimp Tomato Cream. These are creamy soups with pasta that's best paired with bread.

Photo by Tokyo Market

Tokyo Market's beverage selection includes fruit juices, bottled teas, chuhai (canned alcoholic drink), and, of course, coffee. There are already a lot of Japanese drinks available in the supermarket, but ones that are harder to find can be purchased through Tokyo Market. They have Marukai's White Peach Juice (P580), Boss Cafe's Au Lait (P90), and Pepsi Japan Cola Zero (P95). 


They even have unique 3-in-1 coffee like those from Doutor (a popular coffee chain in Japan) and Key Coffee. They also have UCC's Caffeineless Coffee Drip (P260) if you prefer a stronger blend.

Tokyo Market also sells Japanese ingredients, which include the famous S&B's Golden Curry, Marumiya's furikake, Bulldog's Tonkatsu Sauce, and the Hokkaido Condensed Milk (P155). While those are commonly available in the bigger supermarkets with an international section, what's interesting in their ingredient selection is the Cupie Verde, a tetra-packed sweet spread in Honey & Butter, Strawberry & BUtter, and Choco & Peanut for P85 each pack. You can use this on bread or drizzle on top of pancakes. 


And just like bigger supermarkets in Japan that are connected to a food court, Tokyo Market also offers cooked Japanese meals! They have Japanese food trays like the Ebi Tempura (from P780), Gyudon (from P799), Tori Chicken Teriyaki Tray (from P699), Katsudon Tray (from P720), Takoyaki (P150/6 pieces), California Rolls (P150/6 pieces), and Japanese Gyoza (P150/5 pieces).

To shop for these Japanese food items, visit Tokyo Market's website.



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