What Is Jujube Tea + Where To Buy It

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"Would you like to come over for some jujube tea?"

If you're watching Netflix's Our Beloved Summer, then you know that this butterfly-in-your-stomach-inducing line by Choi Ung (played by Choi Woo-Shik) is the new way to say "Do you want to eat ramyeon?"

Jujube tea was mentioned several times all throughout the Korean drama, mostly because of Ung's trouble in sleeping at night. The leading lady Kook Yeon-Su (played by Kim Da-Mi) wanted to help him have a normal body clock by offering a glass of jujube tea. 


Naturally, we got curious about what jujube tastes like: Is it delicious? Is it delicious like the popular honey citron tea? So we tried it out ourselves and if you're just as curious as we are, we know where you can buy a bottle of it too!

This is jujube or the Chinese date.
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What is jujube tea?

Jujube tea uses jujube, also known as a Chinese date and spelled as jujuba, a native fruit in Southern Asia. These small round fruits have bright red-orange colors, are packed with nutrients, and have a very sweet taste to them. In alternative medicine, these are used to manage insomnia (as used on Our Beloved Summer) and decrease anxiety.

Where to buy jujube tea?

Since fresh jujube is hard to come by in the Philippines, not to mention the process of drying these fruits and making them into tea can be quite tedious, the next best fast-and-easy option we have is a bottle of Ottogi's Honey Jujube Tea. This is very similar to the honey citron tea as it's also a honey-marinated concentrated fruit tea.

You can score a bottle of this in Korean supermarkets like Famulei which is priced at P259/500 grams and P300/kilogram. Famulei has an online website but they're also available on Shopee and Lazada.

Photo by Famulei

What does jujube tea taste like?

This jujube tea is very sweet and slightly tart. Plus, it has a very powerful cinnamon taste to it. Its flavor profile is similar to candied raisins and if you like the sweetness that raisins offer, then you will definitely love this tea.


The way to use this type of jujube tea is to take a spoonful and dissolve it in hot water. You can also dissolve this in cold water over ice during hot summer days. Because this tea already has honey in it, there's no need to add any sugar to it!


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