These Lobster Kits Are Coming Soon To Supermarkets Near You

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If you go crazy over juicy lobster tails and lobster rolls (and admit it, lined up at Luke's Lobster on your last trip out of the country), we have great news for you. Pacific Bay Seafood is soon going to bring Luke's Lobster kits to our grocery aisles! Finally, we can make our own juicy, delicious lobster rolls or maybe use them for a million other dishes!


If you want early access to these delicious lobster kits, you can sign up with Pacific Bay's mailing list so you can instantly order yours when they drop their first wave of limited stocks this week.

Luke's Lobster kits come in two options: as ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook. In both options, you get juicy lobster that's wild-caught and packaged in the best way possible.

For the ready-to-eat option, you get prized knuckle and claw meat that were steamed the day they were caught. It comes with a packet of Luke's secrete seasoning so there's really no room for error. It even comes with the recipe for a hearty dinner roll so you can assemble one easily.

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For the ready-to-cook option, you get two pieces of raw, wild-caught Maine lobster tails that were flash-frozen on the day they were caught. There's even a lemon-garlic marinade you can use for a fuss-free experience. You can grill, broil, or steam the delicious, tender lobsters to go with your pizza, pasta, salad, sandwich, or whatever you may imagine.


Limited Time Seafood Sale

Pacific Bay Seafood is also holding a sale on their delicious, frozen seafood. You can buy them at a much lesser price through their website, and get them shipped on the same day to your doorstep if you live in Metro Manila. You can even get free delivery for a minimum purchase of P2,000.

You can get 300 grams of Chilean seabass steak originally at P1,270 down to P1,079. Get a hundred grams of scrumptious, crab claw meat for P80 instead of P100. Fresh Norweigan salmon fillets are down to P2,100 from P2,385 or perhaps get the smoked salmon that's discounted at P289 per 100 grams, instead of P340.


Also, check out their new product, St. Andrews mussels that were farmed in the Chilean island of Chiloe. It comes with garlic, butter, and wine marinade in the boil bag, so all you need to do is boil them for five minutes and voila: the best mussels you've ever had.

We don't know about you, but now we're craving for some scrumptious seafood. Excuse us while we cook up something tasty!

Keep yourself posted by following Pacific Bay on Instagram and visiting their website.


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