Matcha Fans, Do You Think You Can Handle This Matcha Ramen?

Try it before you knock it!

IMAGE Nissin/JapanToday and Shutterstock

Matcha is known for its earthy, nutty, and bitter taste, which is why it's an acquired taste. Aside from the common way of consuming matcha which is to take it in tea form, it's also often used in desserts to give it an earthy flavor but, rarely is it added into ramen broth. If you love all things matcha, meet your new midnight snack and rainy comfort food: Nissin's Cup Noodle Matcha

According to Japan Today, Nissin used to have a green tea-flavored ramen before, but it was made with seafood-and-cheese-powdered broth. This new instant ramen uses a different recipe that's made by mixing chicken stock and matcha

Nissin's new Cup Noodles Matcha comes in the prettiest packaging that will make you not want to throw it out (or at least take a photo of it for your Instagram Story or feed)! The cup's packaging has an ukiyo-e-style illustration, showing details of sky-high temples, a green Mt. Fuji, geishas, Raijin, and the Beckoning Cat.


Nissin's Cup Noodle Matcha is available at S&R Membership Shopping, priced at P129 per cup.


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