This Online Shop Has Your Fave Childhood Snacks From The '90s

Your old photos aren't the only thing you can post on #ThrowbackThursdays!

A big part of anyone's childhood includes snacks they grew up with. These are the snacks that you asked your parents to buy for you, the snacks that you bought from the sari-sari store near your school with your allowance, the snacks that you shared with your friends during your school breaks.

If you're a millennial, there are some classic Pinoy snacks that are no longer available in supermarkets, but there are also a ton of them that are still available in smaller stores. You just need to know where to look for these nostalgic chips, chocolate, candies, or fruity and fizzy drinks.

RetroMart PH on Shopee has more than 50 Pinoy childhood snacks and drinks! Here's a price list of some of the items you can find online:

Photo by Facebook/The Original Lumpia Shanghai


  • Cheepee Corn Chips - Barbecue Flavor (P65/3 packs)
  • Cheese Ring (P56/5 packs)
  • Cheez-it (P46/5 packs)
  • Cheez-it - Cheese and Ham (P46/5 packs)
  • Chippy - Red (P46/5 packs)
  • Chiz Curls (P46/5 packs)
  • Clover Bits P100/3 packs
  • Cracklings (P46/5 packs)
  • Crispy Patata (P46/5 packs)
  • Dip Sea Fish Crackers (P100/3 packs)
  • Kirei Yummy Flakes (P46/5 packs)
  • Kiss Fish Cracker (P100/3 packs)
  • Kobi Potato Snack (P100/3 packs)
  • Lumpia Shanghai (P100/3 packs)
  • Ma'am Inasal (P100/3 packs)
  • Moby Caramel Puffs (P46/5 packs)
  • Moby Chocolate (P46/5 packs)
  • Nova Country Cheddar (P79/5 packs)
  • Nutri Star Chicken - Barbecue Flavor (P46/5 packs)
  • Oishi Onion Rings (P46/5 packs)
  • Oishi Potato Fries - Cheese Flavor (P46/5 packs)
  • Oishi Spicy Prawn Crackers (P46/5 packs)
  • Peewee (P46/5 packs)
  • Piattos (P79/5 packs)
  • Pritos Ring (P54/5 packs)
  • Ri-Chee Milk Flavor (P46/5 packs)
  • Rinbee Cheese Sticks (P46/5 packs)
  • Roller Coaster (P46/5 packs)
  • Sizzling Bangus Chichirya (P100/3 packs)
  • Snacku (P56/5 packs)
  • Sweet Corn Snack (P100/3 packs)
  • Tattoos Corn Chips (P65/3 packs)
  • Tomi (P46/5 packs)
  • Tortillos (P46/5 packs)
  • Tostilas (P79/5 packs)
  • V-Cut Spicy Barbecue (P79/5 packs)
  • Vinegar Pusit (P100/3 packs)
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Cookies and Biscuits

  • Bread Pan - Cheese and Onion Flavor (P46/5 packs)
  • Chips Ahoy (P139/3 packs)
  • Hello! Wafer (P99/2 packs)
  • Iced Gem Biscuits (P85/pack of 12 packs)
  • Island Chocolate Wafer (P118/2 packs)
  • Jack 'n Jill Chocolate Pretzels (P55/3 boxes)
  • Milky Mari Biscuits (P95)
  • Nissin Bread Stix (P56/5 packs)
  • Nissin Cubee Wafer (P69/5 packs)
  • Nissin Eggnog Cookies (P56/5 packs)
  • Rebisco Family Flavor Bunch (P75/pack)
  • YanYan (P125/3 pieces)
  • Yum Yum (P135/10 pieces)
Photo by Jasper Castro

Candies and Chocolates

  • Almo Chocolate (P50/3 packs)
  • Annie's Langka or Ube Candy (P105/3 packs)
  • Choc Nut (P115/3 packs)
  • Choco Joe Chocolate (P100/3 packs)
  • Choko-Choko (P100/3 packs)
  • Cloud9 Chocolate (P98/12 bars)
  • Fibisco Choco Mallows (P115/3 boxes)
  • Flat Tops (P59/3 packs)
  • Fruit-tella (P100/3 sticks)
  • Frutos Soft Chewy Candy (P105/3 packs)
  • Hany Milk Chocolate (P105/3 packs)
  • Happy Peanuts (P100/3 packs)
  • HawHaw Milk (P105/3 packs)
  • Ice Pop (P100/3 packs)
  • Kenhi Mint Candy (P58/pack)
  • Kopiko (P58)
  • Mayfair Neapolitan Milk Chocolates (P89/3 packs)
  • Mik-Mik Milk Powder (P55/3 packs)
  • Milkee Polvoron (P100/3 packs)
  • MilkMilk Chocolate Milk Powder (P55/3 packs)
  • Nips Milk Chocolate (P75/bundle)
  • Orange Swifts (P58/pack)
  • Peter's Butter Ball (P58/pack)
  • Potchi Strawberry Cream (P105/3 packs)
  • Softee FruitChew (P58)
  • Stay Fresh Menthol Candies (P58/pack of 30)
  • Tootsie Roll Midgees (P115)
  • Trolli Mini Burger (P75/pack of 10)
  • Vi-Va Caramel Sweets (P58)
  • Yabadoo! Candy (P50/3 packs)
  • Yakee! (P105/3 packs)
Photo by Rebisco


  • Dragon Sid (P100/3 packs)
  • Halo Halo Mix Nuts (P65/3 packs)
  • Happy Peanuts (P100/3 packs)
  • Karoke Garlic and Chili Green Peas (P65/3 packs)
  • Sunshine Crunchy Green Peas (P105/3packs)


  • Cali (P124/3 cans)
  • Jungle Juice (P105/3 pieces)

Ready to place your order? Visit RetroMart PH on Shopee.



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