We Know Where To Buy IndoMie’s Premium Salted Egg Noodles

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We can't count how many times we've found something on the web we fancied that wasn't available locally. When these noodles went viral back in the day, we imagine a lot of people were so disappointed that it didn't reach our shores. We could only look upon Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia with envy! Now, we can have a taste of these noodles, too. We found Indomie's Premium Salted Egg Noodles for P50/100-gram pack on Shopee.

The salted egg trend might be overbut this is a great merienda if you love bold-flavored noodles. Aside from satisfying your curiosity, the instant noodles in this pack have broader strands and the whole thing comes in a larger package.

We need to warn you though, that this salted egg noodle rendition is well on the salty side. This might be a deal breaker to some, especially if you're into luxurious, fresh-tasting salted egg dishes. If you love instant noodles though, saltiness is part of why you love it so that might even be a good thing. You can always taper that saltiness with a soft-boiled egg.


Want to make your own version? You may use canton noodles or an instant pack of noodles, salted egg, butter, evaporated milk and some spices. Try this recipe: 

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May 30, 2016


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