This Huge Can Of SPAM Is Available At The Supermarket

This can has 1.81-kilograms of SPAM.

IMAGE Rele Hernandez

We've always known SPAM to come in two sizes: groceries usually have the 340-gram cans and recently, it also came in a smaller can weighing 198 grams which is perfect if you're cooking for one or trying to save a bit of grocery money. If both options don't seem like it's a good fit for you because these are just too small, Rele Hernandez, food blogger and owner of Pop's Original Lumpianiza, shared that he spotted a gigantic can of SPAM during his grocery run in Bonifacio Global City.

This can of SPAM weighs a whopping 1.81 kilograms-it's 5-6x bigger than your regular SPAM can. If you're willing to pay P899 for a bigger can of SPAM, then you should go to S&R Membership Shopping (the photo was taken at the BGC branch).

The only question that's running through our heads right now is: Is it going to be more difficult or is it going to be easier to remove the SPAM meat from its can? 



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