Where To Get Strong Zero And Other Japanese Chuhai Drinks In Manila

No need to fly to Tokyo to get your fill!

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If you haven't heard of the Japanese alcoholic beverage known as Strong Zero, made by the famous brewery Suntory, then you're missing out. Available in pretty much every convenience store in cities like Tokyo and Osaka, the drink resembles something between beer and soda: Fizzy, sweet, and with a whopping 9% alcohol content. (Exercise caution!).

The beverage is actually a variation of what is known as chuhai, a highball cocktail (a mixed drink with an alcoholic base spirit and a non-alcoholic mixer) made with Shochu, a Japanese liquor distilled from rice, barley, potatoes, or buckwheat. But here's the crazy part: The drink's popular -196° C lineup has zero sugar, thus its name. That means you can get your weekend buzz on and without having to worry about excessive sugar intake. Best of both worlds! Below, you can check out a few shops in Manila that sell the Suntory -196° C Strong Zero so you can give it a try. Or if you've had it before, now you can get your fill without having to visit Japan. You'll want to stock up ASAP!


Here's where to buy Suntory -196° C Strong Zero and other Japanese chuhai in Manila:

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Alak, Please?

Price: P160/one can (minimum of four cans per order)

Alak, Please? has several Strong Zero flavors available including lemon and grapefruit. As with many popular cocktails, you'll barely be able to register the alcohol taste, and you'll find yourself downing an entire can or two in a snap. They also have a variety of other Japanese chuhai drinks on their menu like Kirin Dry Sour, Kirin Cola, and Suntory Highball.


How to order: Send a message to Alak, Please's Instagram page.

Chatto PH

Price: P150/one can

Chatto is a one-stop shop for all kinds of snacks and beverages from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. Besides Strong Zero, they've got other fun asian treats like Meiji ice cream, Soju, White Rabbit milk, Binggrae flavored milk, Yopokki Tteokboki, and more.


How to order: Send a message to Chatto PH's Instagram page.

The Curated Deli

Price: P150/one can; P850/six cans; P3,240/24-can case

The Curated Deli's lineup of chuhai includes Suntory Strong Zero in various flavors as well as other Japanese brands like Horoyoi and Asahi. They also have wine, cheese, and cold cuts on their menu if you really want to spice up your Friday night.


How to order: Send a message to The Curated Deli's Instagram page.

The Hooch Store

Price: P150/one can; P570/four cans

Choose between lemon, dry, lime, pineapple, and grapefruit Strong Zero when you shop at The Hooch Store! They also have wine, sangria, vodka, gin, Buzzball cocktails, and more in their selection.


How to order: Send a message to The Hooch Store's Instagram page. They accept pick-up orders (via your courier of choice) on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at their branches in Makati and Laguna.

Strong Zero PH

Price: P150/one can (minimum of four cans per order); P3,120/24-can case

IG-based store Strong Zero PH has lemon, grape, and and grapefruit variants of Strong Zero that you can buy by the can. If you really want a whole stash, they also offer a 24-can case for P3,120.


How to order: Send a message to Strong Zero PH's Instagram page.


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