All The Ube Cookies Worth Munching On Right Now

Give these a try, cookie monsters!

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There's no limit to the ube-flavored desserts you can find in Manila these days from cinnamon rolls to mango sticky rice to burnt Basque cheesecake and everything in between. The options may be a little overwhelming, so allow us to narrow down your search. If you're craving for ube's signature sweet, earthy flavor in the form of a bite-sized treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth, we recommend ube cookies. They're great to snack on throughout the day, easy to store, and always satisfying to chew on. They'd make great gifts for your friends, too!

Below, we round up a few ube cookies you can find all around the metro that are worth a try. We found all sorts of cool treats flavored with the famous purple yam, so you're sure to find something that suits your cookie preferences. And before you ask, yes, they all deliver!

Check out these cookies the next time you're craving ube:

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Gigabite's Ube Cheesecake Cookies

Price: P130 each

Huge mounds of ube halaya and cheesecake make up the inside of these chunky cookies from Gigabite. The soft golden brown exterior features bright purple streaks marbled around the chewy texture for a cookie that looks good inside and out.


How to order: Send a message to Gigabite's Instagram page.

Photo by Instagram/patriciabakes_

Patricia Bakes' Ube Cookies

Price: P280/six pieces; P550/12 pieces; P720/16 pieces

This cookie from Patricia Bakes keeps it simple with a classic golden-brown cookie base and a generous scoop of homemade ube halaya in the center. You'll want to save the gooey core for the last bite! It's also sprinkled with a little bit of sea salt to bring out the sweet flavor.


How to order: Send a message to Patricia Bakes' Instagram page.

Photo by Instagram/cloud_bakeryph

Cloud Bakery's Ube Dulcey Cheese Cookie

Price: P240/three pieces; P450/six pieces

This cookie from Cloud Bakery has a soft ube base that's chewy in the center and crunchy on the edges. It's covered in huge chunks of dulcey, which is a caramelized white chocolate blended with cream cheese that will perfectly complement the ube flavor.


How to order: Send a message to Cloud Bakery's Instagram page.

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Dear Bonbon's Ube Coconut Cashew Cookies

Price: P300/five pieces; P580/10 pieces

At first glance, these ube cookies from Dear Bonbon look like crinkles, but they're actually coated with a sweet coconut coating to complement the purple yam's earthy flavor. Inside, you'll find chopped bits of cashew nut that add crunch to the pillowy cookies.


How to order: Send a message to Dear Bonbon's Instagram page.

Photo by Instagram/eenieminniph

Eenie Minni's Ube Cheesecake Crunch Cookies

Price: P140 each; P395/three pieces; P790/six pieces

If you like your ube treats loaded with lots of cheese, Eenie Minni's Ube Cheesecake Crunch cookies are a must-try! Loaded with huge chunks of two different kinds of cheese as well as some white chocolate, you'll love the mix of sweet, salty, and tangy flavors.


How to order: Send a message to Eenie Minni's Facebook or Instagram pages.

Photo by Instagram/ingridsph

Ingrid's Ube Cookies With White Chocolate Chips

Price: P200/six pieces

White chocolate chip fans, these ube cookies are for you! These chewy treats are loaded with mini whte chocolate chips in each bite, adding a rich, creamy flavor to the nutty ube base.


How to order: Fill out the order form features on Ingrid's Instagram page.


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