Cebu Eats: Spots to Hit for Fun Food Finds

Crawling around the city for good eats? Here's where to eat when in Cebu.

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Cebu has a culinary landscape that is fit for everyone, from laid-back coffee shops to grand lechon establishments. Here's a short round-up for the food-obsessed Filipino: these are fun spots to hit for both sweet and savory eats.  




1  Abaseria Deli and Café


There is no shortage of winning dishes at this casual, homey café. Abaseria serves everything family-style, and everything is both big in flavor and in serving size. The café also doubles as a shop that showcases products that are uniquely Pinoy: narra bowls and platters, woven placemats, and a colourful collection of bayongs.



What to get: Stuffed Chicken that will remind you of your mom's, Crispy Roasted Pork with skin so crunchy that the whole restaurant will know what you're eating, and their Four Corners dessert-turon with vanilla ice cream,  preserved kamias fruit, and mangosteen jam.



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2  House of Lechon


It goes without saying that if you are in Cebu, a lechon feast is a must! Get your fill of tasty roast pig at House of Lechon. Bring the whole family!



What to get: despite their lengthy menu, go for the classic roast and enjoy munching on crispy, snappy skin and tender, tasty meat.





3  Bocas Modern Patisserie

Elevated desserts and flawless plating? We're in! Chef Jean Louis Leon puts Bocas Modern Patisserie at the forefront with stunning French desserts that are characterized by bold Filipino flavors and perfect technical execution.



What to get: everything!



4  Ilaputi

Undeniably one of Cebu's favorite food business success stories, Ilaputi puts Asian flavors front and center.  Its humble beginning as a carinderia in the early 2000s is proof of their well-loved dishes.


What to get: their tender beef stroganoff that is cooked for hours, pork chop that is accompanied by a vibrant mango chutney, and Korean bibimbap that is loaded with hot, tasty spices.



5  Tablea Chocolate Café


This small café is heaven for the Filipino chocolate lover. Favorites like cakes, brownies, truffles, and silvanas are made with local and sustainably-sourced cacao beans, too!


What to get: buttery tablea silvanas and a Cebuano merienda staple, Puto Maya with Mangoes and Sikwate-a steamed sticky rice cake with sweet mangoes and a hot tablea chocolate drink.





6  Harbour City


You've probably seen it all: soft siomao dumplings, tangy sweet and sour chicken, and crisp spring rolls. While serving some fine dim sum, Harbour City also offers dishes that stay in on current food trends and work with flavors like ube and salted egg yolk.


What to get: Steamed Fried Ricesalted egg fried chicken and ube xie ping-ube shaved ice served with leche flan, macapuno, and sweet beans.



7  Tom N Toms Coffee


Tom N Toms is where you go for creative drink options: sweet potato and toasted soy lattes are standout drinks, and you can get crazy with your regular cup of Joe by going for fun flavors like caramel, cinnamon, and green mint. Don't forget to order a snack while you're at it!


What to get: Honey Butter, Honey Cheese, and Garlic Butter Breads, plus a fun drink of your choice.  




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