Where To Eat In La Union (2021 Edition)

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It's officially one year since the global pandemic has been declared and some people are opting to flee the city in search for a change of scenery. Some prefer heading to a café or go for al fresco dining in a restaurant, while some have made their way to the nearest beaches near Metro Manila.

If you're heading to La Union (Elyu or LU) anytime soon for that much-needed break, you should first be updated on all the travel requirements required by the LGU. Since the requirements are constantly being changed, you can always follow the Provincial Government of La Union on Facebook for updates.

If you have successfully made your way to La Union, here are the different food establishments where you can grab a post-surf meal:

Circle Hostel: Mushroom Tacos, Mushroom Burger


"[This] has homemade tortilla wraps made from corn flour. They have Taco Tuesdays that come with a free margarita when you order 2. Super sulit food find in LU because the tacos are bigger than the usual tacos in the Metro," says Faith Gazmin-Salonga.

She adds, "The taste [of the Mushroom Burger] came as a surprise because they placed fresh arugula (from their garden) in the burger and it really complemented the dish, together with their homemade sauce. They use fresh oyster mushrooms from their farm for all their dishes. They showed us how to pick mushrooms, too!"

The Circle Hostel is located at Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.

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Buhay Gulay: Adobong Pakak or the Kamansi (paired with Vegan Barbecue)


"This vegetarian restaurant that serves vegan food is one of the affordable options in LU. Their dishes are so good that even non-vegans around the town are raving about this," says Faith Gazmin-Salonga.

Buhay Gulay is located along MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, La Union.

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Dal-luyon Café Gallery: Vigan Longganisa and Hot Chocolate


Who says you can't have hot chocolate on the beach? Faith also recommends Dal-luyon Café Gallery's Hot Chocolate and Vigan Longganisa. She says, "This homemade hot chocolate is the kind of drink that takes you back to your childhood, something that our lola would make for us. Ganun yung feeling, kaya most of our budget dito yata napunta kasi mga seven times ko siya yata nainom during our stay. Their Vigan Longganisa on the other hand is sourced from Ilocos and super garlicky. This is according to my friend who was with me during the trip because I'm vegetarian."

Dal-luyon Café Gallery is located in San Juan, La Union.

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El Union Coffee: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


"While El Union is revamping their menu, they are currently serving a killer Grilled Cheese that's made with the softest, tastiest milk bread that's made in-house," says Catalina Altomonte, the Brand Communications Manager of the Standard Hospitality Group.

El Union is located along MacArthur National Highway, San Juan, La Union.

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Kabsat: Southern Tuna Panga, Kinilaw, Grilled Squid, Wagyu Beef Sisig, Baked Bangus, and drinks for Happy Hour


Craving seafood? Make your way over to Kabsat! Jim Santos says that during her recent trip to La Union, they stayed mostly in Kabsat. "The place is nice, masarap din food and mura lang. I tried tuna panga, kinilaw, grilled squid, wagyu sisig, and baked bangus! Everything was good! You can also order their churros and drinks for happy hour."

Kabsat is located at North Shore, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.

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Makan at Eliseos: Shrimp Noodles


Catalina also recommends Makan at Eliseos, a chic restaurant located on the beachfront. She says, "Makan at Eliseos is doing great things with modern Filipino food, and the Shrimp Noodles is a must-try!" 

Makan at Eliseos is located at San Juan, La Union. 

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Masa by Barefoot: Shakshouka, Kamote Donut, and Eggs Benny and French Toast


Faith Gazmin-Salonga recommends the Shakshouka and the Kamote Donut at Masa by Barefoot. She shares, "This [Shakshouka] is my most favorite in Masa, ordered this thrice during our stay. This is placed in a palayok-like pan, served super hot, making the cheese gooey." She adds, "[The Kamote Donut] is one of their bestsellers. It comes in two flavors, glazed and chocolate. Bread is soft, and chocolate isn't too sweet. Perfect to pair with coffee!"

For the vegans out there, vegan writer Evan Tan says that you can ask Masa by Barefoot to vegan-ize the Shakshouka!

Another Masa by Barefoot recommendation is their Eggs Benny and French Toast. Catalina says, "For the post-surf munchies, a short drive out to Barefoot by Masa will take you to a quiet brunch spot where they serve Eggs Benny and French Toast with thick cuts of housemade brioche."

Masa by Barefoot is located at San Roberto Street, San Juan, La Union. 


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Seabuds: Tapsilog Breakfast and the Funky Monkey Smoothie Bowl

Evan recommends grabbing vegan-friendly breakfast at Seabuds! He says, "[Go to] Seabuds for the delicious vegan breakfast options and smoothie bowls," referring specifically to their Tapsilog Breakfast and Funky Monkey Smoothie Bowl.


Seabuds is located at San Juan Surf Resort, which is located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, La Union.

Follow Seabuds, La Union on Instagram for more information.


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