PSA: You Can Order Soju Through Grab

That means you can get your drink on the same day you ordered it!

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Sometimes you just need a good cocktail at the end of the day to wind down. A popular option these days is Korean alcoholic beverage soju. Soju is well-loved by the casual drinking crowd thanks to its affordable price, wide flavor selection, and versatility when it comes to mixing drinks. Plus, it's much more forgiving to your throat in case you'd rather not scarf down any liquor that leaves a strong burn. If you're in the mood for some today, you can order soju through Grab's grocery service GrabMart!

While some online groceries require a few days' waiting time for deliveries, orders made through GrabMart will arrive at your doorstep just a few minutes after you can book a courier. That means you can satisfy your hankering for soju ASAP!

Here's how to order: tap the "Mart" option on your Grab interface and you'll find a selection of groceries and convenience stores that you can shop from. Once you book a driver, they'll be able to go to your chosen store and pick out whatever items you've selected on the app. Look out for these groceries that deliver soju: Assi Fresh Plaza, Robinsons Supermarket, and Builtamart.

Look for the "beverages" or "alcoholic drinks" section in selected groceries near you and scroll through to see if soju is available.
Photo by Screenshot from Grab Application
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We spotted popular soju flavors like strawberry, green grape, blueberry, peach, apple, plum, and more all available for delivery. You may want to order some Yakult, too, so you can make a delicious cocktail!


One bottle of soju has a price range of about P100 to P125.


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