LIST: Where to Order Your Charcuterie Needs For Every Budget (2022)

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Christmas is all about going that extra mile for your family and loved ones. That could mean the long list of to-do's you've cramped in the next few days, the vacation leaves you've filed, the 13-month pay that vanished before it ever really appeared, but most of all, it's about the wonderful, warm memories you make with special people around a very special dinner. For some of us though, we want something more than the traditional fare, so we can make the holiday special again. 

Enter the charcuterie board! Expect the flat-lay photos flooding your social media-this photogenic spread of cured meats and cheese just begs to be flaunted. More than a pretty picture though, a curated charcuterie or grazing board offers an easy way to slide your friends, family, and loved ones into that festive, snacky mood all the while watching each others' eyes light up with gastronomical delight. To help you land that perfect charcuterie board, we've listed some spots that have your back this holiday season:


Where To Shop For Charcuterie Essentials


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When we think of the fanciest meats and cheeses, S&R might not be the first thing on your mind, but if you're grocery shopping there anyway, why not grab a few of those charcuterie board essentials as well? S&R might not have the widest selection for charcuterie specifically, but they do have all the basics at mid-range prices: prosciutto, Manchego cheese, saltine crackers, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and if you're at the right branch-even 400-peso lumpfish caviar. So, if you're looking to make a somewhat affordable and conveniently sourced charcuterie board, S&R is your best bet!


Shop at any S&R branch with your membership or through MetroMart

Euro Rich Food

This online shop has a wide selection of imported goods from Europe. But most importantly, this Christmas season, they're holding a sale for their cheeses and charcuterie so you can score a good spread ranging from P1,013 to 1,779. You can also choose a grazing kit bundle so you can have it all with just one click. Currently, they're even offering a bundle that includes green and black olives, Emmental, smoked prealpen speck, salami Napoli, and a free eco bag.


Order online via Eurorich. They do same-day deliveries at certain for from Mondays to Saturdays but try to play it conservatively and order earlier during this Christmas season. 

The Bow Tie Duck Manila

Imagine having a personal food curator and sommelier, and that's exactly what The Bow Tie Duck Manila is. Here, you will find the finest meats and cheeses from all over the world-including local gems such as the homegrown Malagos brand. If you're looking to craft a 5-star charcuterie board, The Bow Tie Duck's your one-stop shop, offering as well directly-flown Madagascar vanilla bean pods, the highest quality Beluga caviar to fresh black burgundy Truffles.


While most online shops do with a good photo, and a line for their name and size, not this specialty shop. The Bow Tie Duck carefully gives each product a page of its own detailing size variations, the source, flavor notes, and even other items that pair well with it to help you make the right choice for your spread. Perfect for whether you're a foodie with a big budget or a haciendera, telanovela villain, arms dealer, kingpin, or black card holder-The Bow Tie Duck's got those items your refined palate's been searching for. 

Order from Bow Tie Duck. Note that some items are for pre-order.

Santi's Delicatessen


Talk to anyone who knows the best places to source specialty food, and you'll hear "Santi's" as one of the first shops to pop into one's mind. As one of the OG stores to offer hard-to-find deli cuts,  gourmet cheese, flavored honey, and other charcuterie-worthy fare before anyone even knew the word, Santi's offers are always worth a look. After all, while online shops are great and all, sometimes the legwork is part of the pleasure. Head over to one of Santi's many branches to see for yourself their wide selection of Italian cheese and charcuterie. 

Go to one of their many branches at Makati, Pasig, San Juan, BGC, or Alabang. You may also "Drive and Go" by calling your preferred branch, waiting for confirmation, paying, then picking it up, or using a courier service. More details here.

Aguila Gourmet Meats


This homegrown supplier of quality cured meats for groceries nationwide also sells its own curated charcuterie box for PHP 2,845 that's good for 6-8 pax.  So, if you've sampled one of their widely available hams or sausages already, including the super affordable Aguila Set Classic Charcuterie For Sharing that's only P895 for a set of three kinds of salami, chorizo bilbao, and sausage bites, you'll know it'll be money well spent. 

You can buy Aguila's cured meats at many grocery stores already (SM Supermarket, Landers Superstore, All Day Supermarket, The Marketplace, Robinsons, Puregold) but their charcuterie box can be ordered through their website

Hungry Cow Manila


Part of the charcuterie board experience is presentation! You can have the finest items on-hand and not have a photograph good enough to keep. That's why it pays to go to the experts when it comes to sourcing your holiday showstopping charcuterie board. Hungry Cow Manila has a selection of grazing plates, boxes, and even cones that are fit for your celebration. 

What's another reason to get your charcuterie board essentials from Hungry Cow Manila? They can deliver to cities beyond Metro Manila! Get your cured meat and cheese fix delivered to Baguio, Isabela, Bulacan, Santa Rosa and Los Baños in Laguna, and even as far as south as Davao! 

Message them on their Instagram for their price list and to customize your order. You may also order through their online shop or order through their Shopee store.

You deserve to end the year with something that really makes you smile: extremely, mind-melding good food. Charcuterie boards are just that, so go for it!



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