What Are Chocolate Bombs + Where To Order For Valentine’s Day

It’s the bomb!

Valentine’s Day is all about strawberry desserts and all-things chocolate: Chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, and even chocolate roses to replace your typical bouquet. If you want to switch it up this year, you have to try chocolate bombs.

What are chocolate bombs?

Chocolate bombs offer a new way to enjoy hot chocolate. Similar to Kori Kohi, these bombs are chocolate spheres that are filled with a hot chocolate mix and commonly, marshmallows. You place one chocolate bomb in a glass and pour hot milk directly into it, then watch the magic happen.

The outer chocolate shell will melt away and then it will release all the chocolate and marshmallow inside to your milk. Stir well and drink! 

It’s super satisfying to see these chocolate bombs explode:

[instagram url=”https://www.instagram.com/p/CK4fGyCJq0L/”]


Where to buy chocolate bombs

Photo by Instagram/Achy Bakey

Achy Bakey

Achy Bakey (pronounced as ache-y bake-y) is a Quezon City-based Instagram store that offers three flavors of chocolate bombs: Milk, White, and Combo all have marshmallows inside.

Achy Bakey’s chocolate bombs cost P249/four pieces. To place an order, send a message to their Instagram page.


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Photo by Instagram/Butter and Whisk

Butter and Whisk

Butter and Whisk by Ann Solis has a wide selection of flavors to choose from, like the Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel, Rocky Road, and Cookies & Cream. For Valentine’s Day, they added a White Chocolate Strawberry flavor. Their chocolate bombs are decorated with candy sprinkles, marshmallows, and even crushed cookies.

Butter and Whisk’s chocolate bombs cost P300/box of four, P450/box of six, and P900/box of 12. You can place an order by messaging Butter and Whisk on Instagram. 

Photo by Instagram/Creme MNL

Creme Mnl

Creme Mnl chocolate bomb flavors include Milk Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Mocha, White Chocolate, and even White Rabbit. They have different designs, too! You can get the regular spherical chocolate, then they have ones shaped like bears, geometric hearts, roses, Mickey Mouse, and even Hello Kitty.

Creme Mnl’s chocolate bombs are sold in pieces or in boxes of four or six pieces. The price range differs depending on the design and the quantity. To see the complete list of prices, you can refer to Creme Mnl’s Instagram highlights. You can place an order by messaging their Instagram page.

Photo by Instagram/Sweet Surprise MNL

Sweet Surprise

Heart-shaped chocolate bombs for Valentine’s? Sweet Surprise has got you covered! These heart-shaped chocolates were launched specifically for V-day and it comes in three flavors: Milk Chocolate flavor, White Chocolate, and Strawberry Flavor.

If you’re not feeling all too romantic and just want to try chocolate bombs, Sweet Surprise also has a Classic Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and Cookies and Cream in regular sphere shapes. 

Sweet Surprise’s heart-shaped chocolate bombs cost P89/piece, P260/box of three, and P500/box of six, while the regular chocolate bombs cost P89/small piece, P100/large piece, P260/box of three small pieces, P299/box of three large pieces, P500/box of six small pieces, P599/box of six large pieces, and P699/gift box with six pieces and two bottles of milk. To place an order, message Sweet Surprise on Instagram.



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