LIST: Holiday Food Platters You Can Order For Less Than P2,000

Best to be prepared for the holidays!

Can you believe we're less than a month away from Christmas? Even if Christmas and New Year will be different this year because of the pandemic, it doesn't mean you should celebrate these festive occasions without a proper feast.  

If you want to take a break from your kitchen duties, there's no shame in ordering in! Here we list different places where you can buy beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and noodle dishes for the holidays:

Where to order beef platters for Christmas?

Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Rice Bake from Gochu Gang

Photo by Facebook/Gochu Gang

This sushi bake is made with tangy, spicy kimchi rice topped with shiitake mushroom and grilled beef bulgogi. It's baked with Japanese mayonnaise, cheese, and ssamjaang (thick Korean spicy dipping sauce).

How to order: The Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Rice Bake (P1,190) is available to order via The Grid website.

Callos Madrile√Īa from¬†Cirkulo

Callos¬†takes a lot of work if you want to achieve tender meat. For more difficult dishes like this, you can order in Cirkulo's Callos Madrile√Īa. This callos is made of stewed tripe, chorizo, morcilla, and chickpeas.

How to order: Cirkulo's Callos Madrile√Īa (P1,785) is available for advance order. You can place your order by sending a Viber message to (0966) 634-5792.

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US Angus Roast Beef from Purple Wok

Photo by Facebook/Purple Wok

Purple Wok is famous for it's US Angus Roast Beef. Its beef is fork-tender and well-seasoned, plus it has a good ratio of meat and fat. This platter comes with a garlic confit, but they have a family-sized platter that comes with one free side. You can choose from a creamy mashed potato or roasted herbed vegetables.

How to order: You can place an order of Purple Wok's US Angus Roast Beef (P1,100/family platter) when you message their Instagram page.

Beef Biryani from Naan - Indian Street Kitchen

If you're in the mood for Indian food, Naan - Indian Street Kitchen offers tasty and affordable options for Indian food. They have Beef Biryani that's made with tender beef chunks cooked with yogurt and tomato masala that's placed on top of a layer of basmati rice mixed with fried onions, herbs, butter.

How to order: You can place your order of the Beef Biryani (P880/good for 4-5 pax and P1,400/good for 9-10 pax) by messaging Naan via Viber using these numbers: (0939-209-1861) or (0956 016-2882).


Where to order chicken platters for Christmas?

Gai Tod Cake from Samyan

Photo by Facebook/Samyan

Samyan's new Gai Tod Cake is a savory cake you can serve as a main course rather than dessert. This cake that's assembled with layers of jasmine rice, green papaya salad, topped with Thai fried chicken and served with green chili sauce.


How to order: The Gai Tod Cake (P890 and an additional P100 for the green chili sauce) is available to order via The Grid website.

Hainanese Chicken Tray from Babu

Want to take a break from all the fried chicken? Order Babu's super juicy Hainanese Chicken Rice tray! This is made with boneless Hainanese chicken, slices of cucumber, and steamed leafy greens served on top of a bed of rice. And if you know your Hainanese chicken, this dish isn't complete without ginger, soy sauce, and a bit of chili.

How to order: The Hainanese Chicken Tray (P1,200) is available to order via The Grid website.

Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno from Romulo Cafe

Photo by Facebook/Romulo Cafe

When it comes to relleno, Romulo Cafe's Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno is one that's top of mind. This is made with roasted half chicken that's stuffed with ground pork, raisins, chorizo, and peas.

How to order: You can place your order for Lola Virginia's Chicken Relleno (P788) when you call Romulo Cafe using these numbers: Makati 8478-6406, BGC 7910-6487, Quezon City 8332-7275, and Alabang 8556-1443.

Rotisserie Chicken from S&R New York Style Pizza

If you're looking for affordable, tasty roast chicken, S&R's Rotisserie Chicken is a great choice. This whole chicken is juicy and flavorful that you don't need any sauce to it. 

How to order: The Rotisserie Chicken (P299) is available via GrabFood and Foodpanda. You can also order these in stores.

Yellow Chicken Festival from Village Kitchen

The Village Kitchen transforms an entire chicken into a celebration-worthy meal by using seven festival ingredients and is served with three dipping sauces, like their special soy sauce mix, chili sauce, and ginger onion sauce.


How to order: You can place your order for the Yellow Chicken Festival (P1,000) by sending a message to Village Kitchen's Instagram.

Liberty Boxes from Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

Photo by Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

Frankie's has recently launched Liberty Boxes which has 36 pieces of their signature buffalo wings in one box. This comes in three sets, namely the Liberty Box Basic that includes 36 pieces of buffalo wings in one basic flavor or you can opt for 18 pieces each of two basic flavors; the Liberty Box Premium includes 36 pieces of buffalo wings in one premium flavor or 18 pieces each of two premium flavors; and the Liberty Box Combination which is a mix of 18 pieces of buffalo wings coated in a basic flavor and another 18 pieces coated in a premium flavor.


How to order: Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings' Liberty Boxes are available for delivery via their official website and GrabFood.

Where to order pork platters for Christmas?

Lechon from Lechoneria

Affordable lechon does exist and you can find it at Lechoneria! Glistening golden brown crunchy skin, juicy meat is always a crowd-pleaser. Don't forget to serve this with lechon sauce and rice.

How to order: Lechoneria's lechon (P350/250 grams, P695/500 grams, and P1,295/kilo) is available to order via their website.

Photo by Facebook/Lydia's Lechon

Lechon-in-a-Box with Pancit from Lydia's Lechon

Lydia's Lechon combines two party food favorites in one box. This Lechon-In-A-Box is half-filled with boneless and chopped lechon, while the other is filled with mixed pancit. If you don't like the task of carving lechon, this one's for you. 

How to order: You can order Lydia's Lechon's Lechon-in-a-Box with Pancit is available for delivery via their website.

Photo by Manam official Facebook

House Crispy Sisig from Manam

Manam's best selling House Crispy Sisig needs no introduction. This dish is made with chopped pork jowl and cheek tossed in a creamy, tangy sauce. 

How to order: You can order Manam's House Crispy Sigig (P1,155) is available via GrabFood and Foodpanda.

Pork Belly Inasal Salu-Salo Tray from Manila Inasal

Manila Inasal's Pork Belly Inasal Salu-Salo Tray has thick-cut pork bellies marinated in inasal sauce and is served with eggplant ensalada and green chili sauce. If you have an additional budget, you won't regret adding their garlic rice and chicken oil to your order.

How to order: You can order Manila Inasal's Pork Belly Inasal Salu-Salo Tray (P875) by sending them a message on Instagram or Viber using (0998) 998-1987.

Where to order seafood platters for Christmas?

Baked Salmon from Conti's

Photo by Conti's Bakeshop

Conti's Baked Salmon is a classic during the holidays. This is a baked Norwegian pink salmon with a creamy layer on top and served with buttered vegetables on the side. 

How to order: You can order Conti's Baked Salmon (P1,625/family size) via their website.

Surf and Turf Paella from Granivore

If you want a different, healthier kind of seafood paella this holiday, Granivore's Surf and Turf Paella fits the bill. This dish has adlai and Spanish chorizo cooked paella-style, then topped with tender sous vide pepper steak, pan-grilled garlic, and butter shrimp.

How to order: Granivore's Surf and Turf Paella (P1,750) is available to order via The Grid website.

Prawns with Chili Garlic Bits from China Mommy

Photo by Facebook/China Mommy

Sure, China Mommy is known for their Crabs in Special Curry Sauce and Sotanghon Crabs, but if you're on a tighter budget, they have more affordable seafood dishes like the Prawns with Chili Garlic Bits. These are prawns sauteed swimming in fried garlic and chili.

How to order: You can order China Mommy's Prawns with Chili Garlic Bits (P2,000) by messaging (0917) 514-8540 via SMS, WhatsApp, or Viber.

Alimango sa Bilao - Crab from Dampa Express

If you really want crabs on your Noche Buena spread, Dampa Express offers a bilao of crabs that can either be steamed or flavored for less than P2,000. According to the menu, their flavored crabs come in different flavors like buttered garlic, sweet chili, salt and pepper, and salted egg.

How to order: You can order Dampa Express' Alimango sa Bilao (P1,388/steamed and P1,488/flavored) via Foodpanda. 

Where to order noodles and pasta platters for Christmas?

Lasagna from Do√Īa Mila's Lasagna

You can't go wrong with Do√Īa Mila's classic take on the timeless lasagna. Their lasagna recipe dates back to 1990 and it's known for being meatier, saucier, and cheesier than your regular lasagna.¬†


How to order: You can order Do√Īa Mila's Lasagna's Premium Baked Lasagna (P1,450/good for 10-12 people) by messaging them on Instagram.

Penne ai Fungi from PizzaExpress

Photo by Facebook/PizzaExpress Philippines

Want to add an indulgent truffle dish to your spread? PizzaExpress' Penne ai Fungi tosses the pasta with truffle paste and makes it heartier and tastier with mixed mushrooms, mascarpone, cream, Grana Padano, and parsley.


How to order: The Penne ai Fungi (P1,090) is available for delivery via Foodpanda, Pickaroo, or GrabFood. You can also call PizzaExpress at (0917) 589-4547 or (0995) 585-0430, or order through Facebook messenger.

Sisig Sotanghon from Betty's Best

This Sisig Sotanghon is made with thin, glass noodles coated in bright orange annatto. What makes this sotanghon dish special is the added crunchy sisig bits on top that add more flavor and texture.

How to order: You can order Betty's Best Sisig Sotanghon (P420/small, P640/medium, and P860/large) by calling 8570-2000 or (0917) 800-1865.

Penne Pesto al Pollo from Mama Lou's

If you're in the mood for the familiar and comforting taste of pesto, you should order Mama Lou's Penne Pesto al Pollo. This dish has zesty penne tossed in a basil and pine nuts pesto sauce, chunks of grilled, juicy chicken fillet are tossed in to make it more filling. 

How to order: You can order Penne Pesto al Pollo tray (P795/good for 3-5 people and P1,500/good for 6-8 people) via Mama Lou's website.


Spaghetti from Amber

Photo by Amber

Is a Pinoy handaan complete without Pinoy spaghetti? If you disagree, you should have Amber's spaghetti on Noche Buena. This pasta dish has that familiar sweet tomato sauce we all love about Pinoy spaghetti, and of course, lots of hotdog slices and grated cheese.


How to order: Amber's Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (P470/3-5 people, P680/6-10 people, P780/11-15 people, P880/16-20 people, and P980/21-25 people) is available to order via their website.



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