LIST: Where To Order Sans Rival

This list includes classics and creative takes on sans rival.

Who doesn’t love a slice of buttery, nutty sans rival? This classic cake is usually made with layers of chewy meringue, coated in buttercream, and sprinkled with crushed cashews, but there are also unique twists to this dessert that offer a different flavor and texture—like pistachio sans rival, almond sans rival, and avocado sans rival.

Here are the places where you can order sans rival:

Photo by Rudolph Santos

Burger Machine: Sans Rival

Price: P22/slice and P110/whole cake

LocationThese are available in the existing Burger Machine stores.

Just in case you didn’t know, Burger Machine also has sans rival on the menu! It’s buttery with layers of chewy meringue, then coated in crunchy cashews. This is the perfect dessert after you’ve had their tasty burgers. 

Cinq Dessert Boutique: Coffee Pecan Sans Rival

Price: P300/slice and P1,200/whole

Location: GF Ceo Flats, 27 Canopus corner Jupiter Street, Makati City

Cinq Dessert Boutique has a different sans rival on its menu: the Coffee Pecan Sansrival. This is made with light, crisp, and chewy layers of meringue, rich buttercream and topped with crushed pecans. What makes it unique is the flavor of coffee infused in its buttercream. You can also play it safe with their Plain Pecan Sansrival (P300/slice and P1,200/whole)


How to order: Send an SMS or Viber message to (0917) 8333-445

Cipriano Sans Rival: Triple Nut Sans Rival

PriceP950/7-inch cake and P1,650/9-inch cake

Location: 39 Firefly Road, Valle Verde 6, Pasig City

Cipriano has different sans rival cakes on the menu, one of which is the Triple Nut Sans Rival. This cake is extra nutty because of the three types of nuts in it: macadamia, pistachio, and cashew—all freshly roasted.

They also have Cashew Sans Rival (P650/7-inch cake and P1,090/9-inch cake), Macadamia Sans Rival (P800/7-inch cake and P1,250/9-inch cake), Pistachio Sans Rival (P850/7-inch cake and P1,400/9-inch cake), Sugarfree Sans Rival in Cashew (P695/7-inch cake and P1,150 9-inch cake) and in Macadamia (P845/7-inch cake and P1,295/9-inch cake).

How to order: You can place your order of the Triple Nut Sans Rival via Cipriano Sans RIval’s website. You can also contact (0917) 583-6833.

Photo by Conti’s official Facebook

Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant: Almond Chocolate Sans Rival

Price: P795/cake


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Location: Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant has several branches. You can look for the nearest store using their store locator.

If you want a sweeter, chocolatey version of sans rival, Conti’s Bakeshop & Restaurant has an Almond Choco Sans Rival. This is made with layers of thin wafers coated with choco butter icing, then topped with roasted almond sticks.

But if you want a classic sans rival, Conti’s also has a Sans Rival (P795) on their cake menu. It’s layers of chewy wafers filled with butter icing and cashew nuts.

How to order: You can order the Almond Chocolate Sans Rival via Conti’s website.

Delize by Jill Sandique: Pistachio Sans Rival

Price: P1,500/whole cake

Location: 2/F Cliffpoint Building, Home Depot Compound, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City

Jill Sandique is one of the household names when it comes to making sinfully delicious, perfect-to-the-tee sans rival. Her famous sans rival is buttery, chewy, and covered in a generous amount of crunchy chopped pistachios.

How to order: You can send a message to (0966) 213-9228 or to Coffeeglider on Facebook.

Photo by Facebook/Gay Vazquez Sansrival

Gay Vazquez Sans rival: Kasuy Sans rival

Price: P500/half and P900/7×11-inch cake


Location: 35 Firefly Street, 3B Villas del Corazon, Valle Verde 6, Pasig City

If you want to take a break from the cashews and the pistachios, Gay Vazques Sansrival offers a sans rival that’s topped with kasuy. If you’re on a tight budget, you should go for the Kasuy Sans rival since it only costs P900 for the entire cake, but if you’re willing to splurge a little, you can also opt for the Macadamia Sans rival (P650/half and P1,200/7×11-inch).

How to order: You can text or call (0917) 3010-615 and for landline, you can use 8477-9737

Goldilocks: Classic Sans Rival

Price: P792/8-inch cake

Location: Goldilocks has many branches located in the Philippines. You can refer to their store locator to find the nearest branch in your area.

Goldilock’s Classic Sans Rival is just that—classic! This is made with four layers of crunchy sans rival dough that are filled with buttercream icing and cashew nuts, and then it’s iced with even more buttercream icing and sprinkled with even more cashew nuts.

How to order: You can order Goldilock’s Classic Sans Rival via their website.

Photo by Facebook/Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies

Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies: Sans Rival

PriceP210/small and P420/big

LocationThey have one branch located in Metro Manila: Don A. Roces Avenue, Barangay Obrero, Quezon City. The rest are located in Pampanga: SM Telabastagan, SM Clark, and Don Honorio Ventura Street, Bacolor

Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies is a famous dessert shop that started in Pampanga and their sans rival has been their bestseller since 2007. Their cake is made with layers of crunchy cashew meringue, covered in French buttercream, then topped with freshly toasted nuts.

If you want it on the crunchier side, store it in the freezer, but if you want it on the chewy side, you should store it in the refrigerator instead.

How to order: You can purchase these in stores or message Granda’s Sweets and Delicacies on Facebook.

House of Sans Rival: Classic Sans Rival

Price: P700/6×8-inch cake and P1,350/12×8-inch cake

The dessert shop’s Classic Sans Rival is made with layers of crispy wafer with buttercream frosting topped with cashew nuts. If you want to try a different kind of sans rival, they also offer a Mocha Sans Rival which has mocha buttercream frosting.

How to order: You can place an order by messaging House of Sansrival Ph on Facebook.

Photo by Lia’s Cakes in Season

Lia’s Cakes in Season: Avocado Sans Rival

PriceP220/slice and P1,580/whole cake


Location25 A&B E Capitol Drive, Pasig City

Lia’s Cakes in Season is known for one thing: delicious avocado desserts! So it only makes sense that they’d put an avocado twist to the classic sans rival. They made this with layers of crunchy meringue with avocado butter icing, then topped with crushed cashews.

How to order: You can order the Avocado Sans Rival via Lia’s Cake in Season’s website.

Photo by Facebook/Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace Cafe: Toasted Almond Sans Rival

PriceP595/mini cake and P1,595/whole cake

Location: Mary Grace has stores in and around Metro Manila. You can look for the nearest store using their store locator.

The Toasted Almond Sans Rival is different from your typical sans rival because instead of cashews, Mary Grace uses toasted almonds instead. Mary Grace introduced this sans rival way back in May 2020 for Mother’s Day, but this is now a permanent item on the menu.

How to order: You can order the Toasted Almond Sans Rival in stores or via Mary Grace’s website.

Purple Oven: Classic Sans Rival

Price: P990/whole cake

LocationSan Antonio Plaza Arcade, 50 McKinley Road, Forbes Park, Makati City; The Clubhouse at Temple Drive, Corinthian Hills, Quezon City; F’7 Building, 49 Scout Rallos, Quezon City; Rockwell Santolan Town Plaza, 276 Santolan Road, Little Baguio, San Juan City, and The Shops at Portico, Capt. Henry Javier Drive, Oranbo, Pasig City.

Purple Oven also offers a classic take on sans rival, which has nutty meringue layers, creamy buttercream filling, and crunchy cashews.

How to orderYou can contact Purple Oven using these numbers: 8400-4351, (0977) 311-7652, and (0919) 857-6504.

Photo by Foodpanda

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries: Sans Rival Loaf

PriceP250/mini and P415/loaf (price from Foodpanda)

Location: Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries has a branch located at Glorietta 4 and EDSA Shangri-La Plaza.


Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries is a famous shop from Dumaguete because of its sans rival and silvanas. Their Sans Rival Loaf is made with layers of meringue mixed with ground cashew, held together by the butter mousse.

How to order: You can order from Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries in stores or via Foodpanda.


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