Unique Sushi Bake Flavors You Need To Try If You’re Obsessed With This Quarantine Food Trend

Take a break from the usual kani, salmon, and tuna.

The quarantine food trend that continues to flood our feeds and continues to make us crave is none other than the sushi bake. For those who are still confused about what sushi bake is, it is a deconstructed sushi in a casserole, that’s made with Japanese rice, baked and shredded fish, topped with tobiko eggs, and then baked. Scoop a spoonful of the baked sushi and wrap it nori sheet and pop it in your mouth. Just like tacos!

This quarantine food trend has come a long way and home cooks and chefs have branched out from the usual kani (crabstick), salmon, and tuna sushi bake topping. If you need a break from these typical sushi bakers, here we list unique and exciting takes on this lockdown food trend: 

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Aburi Uni Sushi Bake from Eleven Baker Street

Are you a fan of buttery, silky uni or sea urchin? Eleven Baker Street’s Uni Aburi Sushi Bake (P800/good for 2-3 people and P1,400/good for 4-6 people) uses uni cream, kani or crabsticks, ebiko, Eleven Baker Street’s secret sauce and spices, Japanese rice, and garnished with quality uni. They also released a new unique flavor, the Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bake (P980/good for 2-3 people and P1600/good for 4-6 people) which uses black summer truffles, scallops, kani, tobiko, and Japanese rice.

How to order: Fill out this order form and send payment via BDO, BPI, or GCash.


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Bibimbake from Meatsumo Panay

Location: Quezon City

What’s unique about their sushi bake: This Bibimbake (P550) uses kimchi rice, strips of beef, vegetables, and topped with lots of cheese. Instead of nori as a wrap, this bibimbap sushi bake uses lettuce. Just like you’re eating in a Korean barbecue restaurant!

How to order: If you’re near the store, you can order through Foodpanda, and if you’re not within the delivery coverage, you can fill up this order form.

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Unagi Sushi Bake from Astoria’s Kitchen

What’s unique about their sushi bake: Astoria’s Unagi Supreme (P1,900) has unagi drizzled in homemade caramelized sauce, over Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese omelet), kani (crabstick), shrimp, and tobiko over rice. This is served with a bag of nori sheets.

How to order: Send Astoria’s Kitchen a direct message on Instagram.

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Embotido Rice Bake from Pino Restaurant

Location: Quezon City

What’s unique about their sushi bake: The Embotido Rice Bake (P595) made with vegan-friendly embotido (it uses vegetables!) over brown rice, and then it’s topped with vegan cheese sauce, seaweed, and spring onions. A Taco Rice Bake (P595) is available, too, and it uses chili con tofu, salsa, aioli, cilantro, and is served with tortilla chips.

How to order: Send a message or Viber to (0915) 230-1649 to reserve, place an advance order. These are available for pickup and delivery.

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Kani Mango Cauli Maki from Isabel’s

Location: Quezon City

What’s unique about their sushi bake: Isabel’s offers Kani Mango Cauli Maki (P580) and Salmon Cream Cheese Cauli Maki (P580). While these two sushi bakes use common toppings like crabstick and mango (like California Maki) or salmon with cream cheese, what makes it different is that it uses cauliflower rice instead of Japanese rice. These are best if you’re watching your carb intake.

How to order: Send a text or Viber message to (0917) 652-7341 or order through Isabel’s official website.

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Cheesy Baked Longganisa Sushi Bake from Mia & Co.’s

Location: San Juan City

What’s on the menu: The Cheesy Baked Longganisa is topped with crispy bits of longganisa, aioli, and Mia & Co.’s secret creamy cheese topping. Because who says longganisa is only for breakfast?

How to order: Send a direct message on Instagram or call (0917) 838-1336 with the following details: name, contact number, time (of pick up), orders, and date. Payments are done via BDO, BPI, GCash, or PayMaya. Pick up and delivery are both available options!

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Baked Steak Aburi from Bake Babe

Location: Las Piñas City

What’s unique about their sushi bake: Bake Babe’s Baked Steak Aburi (P599) unites steak fans and sushi lovers in this baked casserole. If you’re not familiar with the word “aburi,” this basically means that the steak is “flame-seared.”

How to order: Send a message on Facebook, Instagram, or to (0917) 110-5199.

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SPAM Sushi Bake from The Sushi Bake Gensan

Location: General Santos City 

What’s unique about their sushi bake: The Spam Sushi Bake (P490 good for 4; P690/good for 7, P1,250/good for 12) uses the famous canned SPAM as its main meat, topped with melted cheese, a special sauce, and sprinkled with furikake.

How to order: Message Sushi Bake Gensan on Facebook or Instagram with the following details: name, order, contact number, and address.




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