Get Export-Grade Fish Delivered To Your Doorstep

Getting freshest fish has never been this easy.

Delicious, vibrant groupers are expertly filleted. Unlike cream dory, using this grouper fillet for your fish sticks makes a huge difference in flavor. Crimson Snapper Fillets (140-170 grams) P 165-195
Photo Courtesy of Wild Caught PH

Have you ever bought a great-looking, fresh fish, only to come home with something less spectacular? Have you ever wondered how you can try to cook the same seafood dish as a restaurant and yet fall short? Well, it just might be the fish you're using. You don't just need access to the freshest fish; you also need to be able to transport it well. If you're based in Metro Manila, we've got a solution for you: have wild-caught, flash-frozen, and vacuum-sealed fish delivered to your doorstep.


Although you can use cuttlefish interchangeable with squid, cuttlefish are more flavorful! Baby Cuttlefish (470 grams) P300

We found Wild Caught PH, both an online shop and a retail supplier, that can give you seafood finds sourced from the wild that are then handled meticulously so they're in pristine condition when you get them. Some of their fish is sourced from Palawan and Zamboanga-helping our local fishermen-while some seafood comes from Southeast Asia. Their mackerel, however, is sourced from Europe.


You can finally make authentic takoyaki at home with these baby octopi. Baby Octopus (520 grams) P350

Even for the locally-sourced fish that they sell, you would be hard-pressed to find it locally. Pugita-or octopus, is not exactly something you find in the seafood section every day. That's because their selection comes from suppliers who would usually export them right after catching them.

There's nothing quite as good as big juicy shrimps! Organic Black Tiger Shrimps (400 grams) P580
Photo Courtesy of Wild Caught PH

What's the difference between wild-caught and farmed fish?

The fish that we often get in the groceries come from fish farms. According to Cody Auger, chef and owner of Nimblefish in Portland, Oregon, the difference will come down to "fat content and flavor of fat." Although farmed fish will have more fat because of the nature of farms, wild fish would have had a more diverse diet, and their environment would ultimately make them sweeter and with more, "variation in flavor."

Yep, you can make your own, fresh, poke bowl at home. Tuna Sashimi Bar (240-330 grams) P385-530
Photo Courtesy of Wild Caught PH

Wild Caught PH also claims that their fish, "is sustainably sourced from their natural habitat" which also means they're organic, having never been "fed with feeds, antibiotics nor preservatives."


This export-grade saba shioyaki (grilled mackerel) is a ready-to-eat-item that's given them a lot of regular customers thanks to its export-grade quality. Grilled Mackerel Saba Shioyaki (2 Fillets) P195

You can get free delivery!

If you're looking to upgrade your seafood experience at the comfort of your home, try it out! They have no minimum amount for deliveries, and even offer free delivery services for certain times and locations. Makati locations get free deliveries every Tuesday, BGC or Taguig locations get free deliveries every Thursday, and Alabang and Quezon City get free deliveries every Saturday.


To order, visit their Facebook shop here, or you may e-mail them at [email protected], or contact them at these numbers:

For Globe subscribers: (0917) 539-3144

For Smart subscribers: (0920) 925-1659

You may also find their products at Real Food's BGC and Molito branches.


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