This “Kitchen Takeover” In Siargao Boosts Resto Business In The Island

When the quarantine and travel restrictions were announced last year, Siargao found itself quiet without the bustling activity from tourism. Locals and stranded tourists "still needed to eat," according to Chef Andrew Malarky of Wild Siargao, but the "kitchen takeover" breathed life into their new normal in the island. 

A "kitchen takeover" is a concept where different chefs from different restaurants "take over" a kitchen to serve their kind of food, and it was a delicious success. 

Located in Catangan, Siargao, Wild Restaurant is the location of this kitchen takeover. Chef Andrew Malarky opened his kitchen, lent his staff, and even his expertise to feature the talents of his chefs friends and colleagues during the quarantine and serve delicious food. With both residents and tourists stranded on the island for the duration of the quarantine, the concept grew into a community project to help their fellow out-of-work chefs. 

Chefs were given the freedom to create their own menus, too. Since every chef who took over the kitchen brought their own crowd on top of the regular patrons, the concept also gained Wild Restaurant new patrons. 




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